C.A. Mobile Increases Infrastructure Flexibility with Red Hat and Dell OpenStack Cloud

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that C.A. Mobile, a leading mobile services provider in Japan, built a flexible infrastructure to support its websites with an OpenStack cloud solution from Red Hat and Dell. OpenStack’s infrastructure customization and auto-scaling features led C.A. Mobile to pursue the Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution, powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Since deployment, C.A. Mobile's internal testing of the new OpenStack-based solution has significantly increased its server delivery speed, reducing original operating system installation and server provisioning time from half a day to 10 minutes.

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C.A. Mobile, a subsidiary company of CyberAgent, Inc., has developed mobile internet business websites with services now spanning mobile media, content, and advertising. As the company supports popular artists’ mobile strategies and websites, it needed to build a modern infrastructure that could respond quickly to environmental changes and traffic spikes while remaining an on-premise environment. In the past, C.A. Mobile operated almost all of its systems through an on-premise physical server, sometimes using public cloud resources to handle sudden, rapid traffic fluctuations on artists’ websites when a new music release or event was announced. Finding their in-house server unable to keep up with the dynamic traffic increases, CA Mobile required an infrastructure that could respond to environmental changes from spikes in web traffic without manual intervention or frequent maintenance.

Wanting an innovative open source solution that could meet their requirements for a modern system infrastructure, C.A. Mobile looked to OpenStack, the popular open source cloud platform. With an accelerated timeline for delivery, C.A. Mobile wanted to partner with reliable, experienced technology partners with extensive production OpenStack experience, and turned to Red Hat and Dell. Dell and Red Hat have long collaborated to bring enterprise-grade solutions, including OpenStack, to customers around the world, including joint reference architecture support and consulting services.

C.A. Mobile chose the Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution, combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with Dell Power Edge R630 servers and Dell Storage PS6210S and PS4100 arrays. The OpenStack-based Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution quickly started operating in production as the platform for websites for popular artists, meeting C.A. Mobile's needs to modernize their infrastructure.

After implementing its new OpenStack infrastructure, C.A. Mobile’s primary objective was to work with the automated scaling service OpenStack Orchestration (Heat), which automatically builds an environment with multiple virtual machines. Working with Red Hat Consulting, C.A. Mobile was able to quickly achieve their complex auto-scaling goals. And, with Red Hat Training, C.A. Mobile brought OpenStack skills to their existing IT staff through hands-on training using real workloads on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform infrastructure to perform production tasks, such as network configuration and infrastructure management. And, only five days after starting training, C.A. Mobile infrastructure team members achieved Red Hat OpenStack certification.

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