SnapSolv Launches Innovative Messaging Service

CARY, N.C. -- SnapSolv, a provider of mobile messaging solutions for business to customer communication, introduced its flagship software-as-a-service platform. Available immediately, SnapSolv will allow companies to reach their customers anywhere, at any time. To see the solution in action, sign up for a free trial at

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According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, there are currently over 2.6 billion smartphone subscribers globally, with that number expected to rise to 6.1 billion by 2020. The customer support industry has been slow to adapt to this migration to mobile. Long thought of as a cost center, customer support has become increasingly a focus as acquiring new customers becomes more costly, and upsells to existing customers generates a larger percentage of revenues.

Prakash Kakumanu, co-founder & CEO of SnapSolv says, “When messaging has become mainstream communication with an expectation for instant responses and no waiting, it is beyond doubt that businesses can’t expect customers to wait for support answers. It’s the time of impatient customers. SnapSolv is here to address just this with messaging from always-in-hand mobile devices.” With millennial customers driving this rapid shift, products & services are bound to become customer- centric with proactive support as part of the offering.

The SnapSolv platform offers many benefits to business agents over traditional web chat or call channels. With the freedom to respond at your convenience (does not require real-time responses) and the flexibility to engage with multiple customers at the same time, the SnapSolv platform can help improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. SnapSolv increases operational efficiency by providing agents with complete customer data, canned answers for repeat questions and the knowledge of answers to questions even prior to engaging with customers.

SnapSolv offers its platform in multiple flavors for different businesses depending on their technology stage. For clients with existing branded apps, SnapSolv can tie into their mobile solutions through a robust and seamless API integration and for those that are beginning to explore mobile strategy, SnapSolv offers full-suite web and multi-channel mobile plug & play solutions allowing businesses to setup a mobile support center in less than a day. SnapSolv is currently available for the web, iOS and Android Mobile platforms.

About SnapSolv: SnapSolv is transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers. No longer tied to desktops, customers want to be able to reach their commerce and service providers from anywhere, at any time. SnapSolv solves this need through a robust mobile messaging platform. For more information, visit For inquiries, reach out