Principled Technologies Releases Report on Buying vs. Building Hybrid Cloud

DURHAM, N.C. -- An estimated 80 percent of enterprise IT organizations will move to the hybrid cloud by the end of 2017 -- and all of those organizations will face the choice of building their own hybrid cloud or purchasing an engineered solution. In a report commissioned by EMCⓇ, Principled Technologies (PT) explored the overall business benefits of the hybrid cloud and found that a hybrid cloud service model can deliver savings in many areas of the enterprise, including as much as 50 percent CapEx savings and 56 percent time savings due to increased automation and process efficiencies.

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PT then compared the cost, time, and resources involved in building a hybrid cloud in-house vs. buying the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud engineered solution. With this solution, a company's hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service could be up and running 92 percent faster than if they built their own. It could also save their business up to 67 percent over three years.

To understand how to assess the impact of the hybrid cloud and to learn more about the potential benefits that the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can deliver, read the report at and its executive summary at

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