L.A. Care Health Plan to Streamline Spend Management with SciQuest

MORRISVILLE, N.C. -- SciQuest, Inc. (Nasdaq: SQI), the leading public provider of spend management solutions delivering value beyond savings, today announced that L.A. Care Health Plan, the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan, has selected SciQuest to enhance its procurement processes. L.A. Care, which was created by the state of California to provide health coverage to low-income Los Angeles County residents, will utilize SciQuest’s source-to-settle platform to transform the company’s procurement process into a modern and strategic operation that supports the company’s long-term business growth.

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“As with many health plans across the country, we have experienced a significant amount of growth in membership over the last few years,” said JR Nino, Director, Contracting and Procurement of L.A. Care. “With rapid growth such as what we experienced, we needed a foundational procurement system that would effectively and efficiently manage our supplier data, contract expirations and compliance to contract pricing, and promote the use of L.A. Care’s preferred vendors. Additionally, we required a procurement system that was user-friendly, to achieve customer buy-in, and that was highly configurable to adapt quickly to our business needs.”

As a factor of L.A. Care’s growth, the company’s procurement team required a technology platform that was scalable and could be implemented rapidly to achieve benefits as quickly as possible. Simultaneously, the team managing relationships with contracted healthcare providers wanted to reduce the time-intensive challenge of bringing on new providers, which previously had been done manually. To meet both of these critical internal needs and to increase spend management and control visibility, the company will use a variety of SciQuest’s solutions, including:

Spend Director, to transform the procurement function by driving organizational spend to preferred suppliers, bringing more spend into compliance, delivering significant cost savings and gaining efficiencies through automation.
Accounts Payable Director, to eliminate tedious and error-prone manual data entry, free up valuable resources and present an opportunity to make a significant impact on the organization’s bottom line.
Total Contract Manager, to enable optimization of managing the entire contract lifecycle, using a single repository for all vendor contracts.
Total Supplier Manager, to achieve a reduction in risk exposure brought by suppliers, a greater depth of and visibility into supplier data, and consistent and accurate supplier data for supporting sourcing and procurement strategies.
“L.A. Care recognized it could realize significant cost savings with a more user-friendly, robust procurement platform that helped automate many of its manual, cumbersome processes,” said Stephen Wiehe, president and CEO of SciQuest. “With a new, modern procurement platform, we are certain that L.A. Care will be able to streamline its contract and supplier functions while increasing spend management, which should all help the organization maintain its rapid growth rate.”

About L.A. Care

L.A. Care Health Plan (Local Initiative Health Authority of Los Angeles County) is a public entity and community-accountable health plan serving residents of Los Angeles County through a variety of health coverage programs including L.A. Care Covered™, Medi-Cal, L.A. Care Cal MediConnect Plan, L.A. Care’s Healthy Kids and PASC-SEIU Homecare Workers Health Care Plan. L.A. Care is a leader in developing new programs through innovative partnerships designed to provide health coverage to vulnerable populations and to support the safety net. With more than 2 million members, L.A. Care is the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan.

About SciQuest

SciQuest (Nasdaq: SQI) is the leading public provider of spend management solutions delivering value beyond savings. Through the continued release of key innovative technology and a fanatical drive toward making our customers successful, we deliver exceptional value in user experience, productivity and operational efficiency. Our cloud-based, mobile-enabled, source-to-settle platform addresses all stages of procurement from the automation of core processes to enabling sophisticated, strategic and multifaceted sourcing solutions. We specialize in handling simple procurement needs to the most advanced supplier and supply chain requirements. SciQuest serves a wide range of industries and organizations including many of the Global Fortune 500. For more information visit http://www.sciquest.com.