Diyotta Introduces Modern Data Integration Platform as a Service

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Diyotta Inc., a leader in big data integration for the enterprise, introduced today a Modern Data Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that fully leverages Diyotta’s proven architecture for data integration. Diyotta’s iPaaS solution brings to the cloud the industry's deepest integration of various data platforms including Spark and Hadoop. Diyotta Modern iPaaS Solution is available immediately via a subscription model, with a free basic edition.

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Diyotta’s iPaaS brings an extremely lightweight, yet enterprise data standards-friendly approach to big data analytics in the cloud using its unique distributed agent based architecture, providing organizations maximum flexibility and lower entry costs for Diyotta’s Data Integration Platform as a Service without large upfront investment or ongoing infrastructure management. Data analysts can move and transform data seamlessly, whether completely on-premises, fully in-the-cloud or on-premises to cloud architecture integrating data across modern or traditional data platforms including Oracle, Teradata, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Spark, Mainframe EBCDIC files, XML files, etc.

Diyotta’s proven Modern Data Integration Solution provides a fast track to design and develop data flows instantly for organizations seeking to modernize their data ecosystem with modern technologies like Hadoop & Spark. With iPaaS, companies can take their integration process a step further and manage the distributed data landscape across their enterprises seamlessly without having to install any client or server software. With Diyotta, customers can dramatically lower total cost of ownership for data integration as the processes designed with Diyotta are extremely portable and provides clear visibility using the metadata and data lineage analysis.

This release of Diyotta iPaaS includes:

Easy to navigate integrated web client through interactive GUI
Built-in, intuitive wizards for easier data movement, transformations, cleansing and provisioning
Secure Agents – managed automatically for effective data integration
Multi-user collaboration for development
Data Lineage views with Impact Analysis to assess change
Complete orchestration capabilities using Diyotta’s enterprise scheduler
“Today’s hybrid data ecosystems have evolved to include enterprise data warehouses, analytical and reporting environments as well as data lakes and big data platforms. These highly complex environments require a new type of data integration solutions such as the Diyotta Data Integration Suite,” said John L Myers, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Diyotta provides a data integration environment that enables organizations to make platform decisions not on whether they have the data center infrastructure, but whether the platform meets their strategic needs. It also enables companies to leverage their existing platform investments and helps make the move to big data platforms with the maximum amount of reuse.”

Added Krish Krishnan, president of Sixth Sense Consulting and a leading big data expert, “Diyotta is developing the next generation data management solution that can work in the cloud, seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources and formats while keeping all aspects of lineage and security. In my perspective organizations should evaluate Diyotta’s approach as they plan their migration to the cloud,” Krishnan said.

Diyotta is used in large enterprises for modern data integration on Hadoop

Diyotta has Fortune 1000 customers in the telecom, finance and healthcare verticals who are leveraging big data technologies like Hadoop to provide data exploration and analysis capabilities on very large data sets. Diyotta simplifies Hadoop adoption with interoperability across multiple data platforms to enable exploration and analysis – far sooner than originally expected, and helps enterprises quickly get the most out of their big data ecosystem investment.

“Diyotta was founded to help manage the new world of data integration, where we take the processing to where the data lives, move required datasets point-to-point, business logic supersedes technology, and everything we do is reusable” said Diyotta CEO Sanjay Vyas. “Now with our Modern Data Integration Platform as a Service implementation, organizations have maximum flexibility with minimum footprint in where data resides and processing occurs and can achieve even faster time to value for their big data investments. With businesses crossing global boundaries and analytics moving to the cloud, companies can accelerate their time to market with Diyotta’s iPaaS enterprise-ready solution that is unified and has lightest footprint in the industry for data integration” Vyas said.

Read Michael Ferguson’s White Paper on “How to Manage Data Integration in a Distributed Data Landscape” here:

Also learn more via a Live Webinar which will be held on March 22 – register here:

About Diyotta

Diyotta is a leading big data integration company, helping companies turn Hadoop into a powerful information hub. We accelerate time to value for new investments in big data platforms and for ongoing data warehouse modernization. With Diyotta, companies can fully leverage their existing platform investment, make the move to modern data platforms with the highest level of reuse possible, and quickly respond to business needs for new data and analytics. Diyotta Modern Data Integration Suite provides deep portability among traditional and modern data platforms, maintains enterprise grade data standards, and abstracts away the complexity of all data movement and sharing across complex data environments. Databricks, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, IBM, Oracle, Teradata, and SpliceMachine are among the Diyotta Partner network.