Titanovo Announces "DNA Diet Coach" Nutritional Genetic Test

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Titanovo, Inc. (Titanovo) is pleased to announce its upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a flagship offering, the DNA Diet Coach, an at-home test which allows users to determine their daily intake needs for key vitamins and nutrients, based on the users’ dietary preferences and genotype. Titanovo’s analytical engine processes genetic testing results in conjunction with lifestyle surveys, giving supplementation advice to the user based on different dietary options, such as the vegetarian, paleo, or Mediterranean diets.

As an add-on option, the DNA Diet Coach will be fully integrated with Titanovo’s well-established telomere length test, which measures telomeres, a biomarker that becomes shorter with poor health and age. Users may test their telomere length and vitamin/nutrient deficiencies simultaneously, then follow their nutritional progress on the cellular level with subsequent telomere length testing.

About the new offering, Titanovo CEO Dr. Oleksandr Savsunenko commented, “The team at Titanovo is pleased to now be offering not only the measurement of actionable biomarkers, but also to be giving straightforward wellness recommendations to clients.” He continued “The scientific and nutritional communities are in agreement that genetics play a key role in which diet is right for each individual, and that one-size fits all approaches are ineffective. We look forward to facilitating personalized nutrition with our DNA Diet Coach.”

Titanovo’s Kickstarter campaign is anticipated to launch February 1st, 2016. Money raised will be used in the expansion of Titanovo’s client panel to fully incorporate the DNA Diet Coach.

More information on Titanovo’s new offering is available at https://titanovo.com/dna-diet-coach/.
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