Elite Innovations Brings Entrepreneurs to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Elite Innovations, Wilmington’s product development firm, is helping entrepreneurs’ dreams come true. In just a little over a year the company already opened a second location in downtown Wilmington at Chandler’s Wharf and has agreed to work on over 20 projects.

Not only are they growing quickly, they have already garnered success with a deal from Amazon to sell one of their products called TacLace. “We’re very proud of how far we’ve come. We are working on a diversity of products that we feel will be extremely successful. I’m impressed by the amazing dedication that these entrepreneurs have for their inventions,” said Elite’s founder and CEO, Andrew Williams.

When someone has an idea that they want to pursue, the Elite team uses their expertise to design, manufacture, and market the product so it can be sold. A client whose product is launching in 2016 said upon receiving his first prototype, “This is exactly what I wanted. We’ve been doing things the same way for 30 years.” This is a testament to Elite’s great clients. Simple inventions have been able to successfully solve pain points in industries that were searching for answers. Lead designer, Jonathan Dineen said his favorite part about collaborating with clients is when he presents them with his designs after he finds out exactly what they are looking for. “There’s nothing more rewarding than at the end of the project when I see a smile on a client’s face after we’ve helped them design their product.” After the team has come up with a strategy for how they will design and build the product, they construct a prototype using computer aided technology (CAD) and 3D printing.

The Makerspace is where all of the tools and equipment are housed so that the product can be developed. Edward Hall has been with the company since day one and has managed all of the projects that come through. “As a previous supervisor in the Navy and tech savvy business developer, I work with clients to understand their business objectives while developing implementation strategies with technical teams to achieve these goals within time and budget constraints. By being able to bridge technical requirements with engineers and product features for the end customers, I am able to manage projects to produce the best results for clients and their customers.” As a leader of the Makerspace, he has the skills to make the product exceed expectations.

Elizabeth Marion is the Director of Operations. She coordinates events in Wilmington where entrepreneurs can connect with others and build their network. When asked about how Elite engages with the community, she responded, “Wilmington is growing so quickly and more people are moving here hoping to start their business. We want to connect with the entrepreneurial community and help those who have great ideas start their business venture.” If you have an idea that you want to pursue, you can set up a consultation meeting with the Elite team. Whether you are experienced in business and looking for extra support or have no clue where to begin, Elite can help turn a concept into reality.

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