Q&A: Alliance for American Manufacturing

CarolinaTechNews Q&A supports our mission to solicit engaging content from a wide variety of businesses and organizations to build a stronger innovation community in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the surrounding region and contribute to economic growth. Today we speak with William E. Jones, field coordinator for the Alliance for American Manufacturing, one of the participants in the recent SOUTH-TEC manufacturing event in Charlotte, N.C. This tradeshow hosted more than 400 industry-leading companies and featured educational presentations addressing trends and issues important to the southeast region to improve production processes, technologies and capabilities. 

Q: What type of service does your organization provide? 

A: The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is a grassroots advocacy group that works on behalf of American manufacturing. We work to maintain a strong middle class by keeping manufacturing made in America.

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Q: Who are your members? 

A: AAM is a unique partnership between labor and management consisting of several of Americas leading domestic manufacturers and the United Steelworkers.

Q: Where geographically is your member base?

A: We have members throughout the entire United States that are active via email, Twitter, Facebook plus other social media outlets.

Q: Why were you in Charlotte? 

A: AAM is committed to advocating for American manufacturing and opportunities such as SOUTH-TEC gives us a wonderful opportunity to speak with a wide variety of people about the important need to Keep It Made In America.

Q: What insight did you gain from the show?

A: That there is a passion for American manufacturing. People get it when we say Keep It Made In America. People simply want Congress to support policies that supports American manufacturing and its continues growth.

Q: What types of manufacturing trends or issues do you see continuing or materializing in 2016?

A: Congress has got to address currency manipulation, pass a long term infrastructure bill and support the working middle class.

Q: Where can people go to get more information?

A: Americanmanufacturing.org, @keepitmadeinUSA, Facebook.com/AmericanManufacturing