PeopleMatter: Workforce Management Solutions Provider of Choice for the Service Industry

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Today PeopleMatter shared details of its strong customer success and continued growth that position it as a leader in sectors such as retail, hospitality and foodservice. PeopleMatter's solutions are now used in more than 47,000 individual store locations to manage their hourly and salaried workforces, while building employee engagement, increasing worker retention and lowering operational costs.
"Between high employee turnover, balancing multiple locations and the challenges associated with recruiting and managing hourly workers, service industry employers require an agile approach. PeopleMatter provides the technology-based solutions and best practices to overcome these obstacles," said Nate DaPore, president and CEO of PeopleMatter. "I'm grateful to say that our incredible customer adoption has earned PeopleMatter the credibility and integrity that sets us apart in a competitive landscape. As the workforce management needs of the service industry evolve, PeopleMatter is firmly committed to being the partner these employers need to be successful."

Research shows the turnover rate for the hospitality industry to be 66.3 percent, making it difficult for employers to build effective teams. PeopleMatter was founded in 2009 to address this challenge and help service industry employers automate and optimize their people processes. Through its cloud-based workforce management platform, PeopleMatter creates crucial linkages between technology and business impact to help employers remain sustainable in a challenging environment. The company's solutions address the full spectrum of managing an hourly workforce, from finding and hiring talent, to scheduling employees, providing development and reviewing performance. As a result, all people processes across all locations are connected, helping employers run a more efficient, more profitable business.

"PeopleMatter's platform was designed specifically to meet the needs of the service industry, offering employers an all-in-one system to manage each aspect of workforce management and deliver complete visibility across the business," said Greg Rigot, senior vice president of Sales for PeopleMatter. "We are delighted to be the workforce management solutions provider of choice for so many employers across the industry as we continue to introduce new capabilities that further improve how they create, develop and retain high-performing teams."

To ensure it delivers on the most pressing needs of its service industry clients, PeopleMatter remains at the forefront of the innovation curve. The company issues three major product releases per year, with development driven by its customer advisory board and feedback from its customers. Through this dedication to innovation, the company stays ahead of the industry's changing needs to deliver solutions that enable employers to maximize the performance of their hourly workforce.

PeopleMatter further differentiates itself by interacting with job candidates and handling any inquiries they may have directly on behalf of employers. When candidates apply for jobs powered by the PeopleMatter applicant tracking system, the company provides the support to help complete their applications successfully, ensuring employers consider all interested parties to make the best hiring decisions.

PeopleMatter's clients also benefit from the company's strong focus on compliance; especially timely given the growing requirements around the classification of part-time and hourly workers, changing I-9 and E-Verify requirements, and more. With a team of experts dedicated to understanding the latest regulatory changes, PeopleMatter removes this burden from clients while ensuring they manage their teams in full compliance with all local and national regulations.

By providing such high-level care, PeopleMatter helps its customers hire and retain the best talent, achieve greater revenue and lower their people costs. Additional information about how PeopleMatter's hourly workforce management solutions benefit service industry employers can be accessed at:

About PeopleMatter
PeopleMatter is a powerful and complete workforce management platform designed to fit the specific needs of service-industry brands. Our complete set of mobile, workforce solutions and business analytics tools connect processes, employees and customers in entirely new ways. Automating and optimizing people processes since 2009, PeopleMatter helps more than 47,000 service-industry locations thrive through better efficiency, engagement and customer satisfaction. PeopleMatter is headquartered in Charleston, SC and on online at Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook.

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