3DFS Announces Stake Patent Issued

PITTSBORO, N.C. -- 3DFS, LLC, the provider of power controller technology, announced that on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 the US Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent number 9,178,354, entitled “Multipurpose, Universal Converter With Battery Control and Real Time Power Factor Correction.” This ‘354 patent covers a wide variety of innovative advancements in energy technology. It includes the ability to convert electricity bidirectionally from AC to DC or DC to AC with ultra efficiency through dynamic synchronization, maximizing the quality and output of electricity in real time for any single or multiphase network, grid, or microgrid.

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This ability will lead to more stable and maximized productivity despite intermittent energy production in renewable energy generation and more efficient, longer lasting energy storage.

It also includes the ability to actively manage and provide maintenance to individual batteries within a battery system with an ideal charging and discharging regiment that restores and maintains batteries at maximum efficiency and power density. This includes the ability to restore and refurbish dead/weak/aged/defective batteries to maximum capacity through a proprietary cycling method. This ability will lead to optimized intelligent battery monitoring systems that maximizes the life and output of any sized battery system.

Another ability included in this patent is the synchronization of multiple and varying sources of power generation and load conditions within microgrids resulting in seamless clean power delivery to loads regardless of energy source. This ability will lead to microgrids that can seamlessly transition between utility power and self generation and fully load all sources during self generation while sustaining near ideal efficiency and maximum power density.

Another ability covered in this patent is “subcycle correction” that analyzes Current and Voltage waveforms every few nanoseconds and corrects them every few microseconds. By actively maintaining the waveforms near their ideal sinusoidal shape, electricity waste is eliminated which maximizes electrical efficiency, increases power density, and reduces the amount of power required to operate a commercial facility electrical network.

3DFS is applying the technology described in this patent to a variety of products that are in various stages of development. The first product to market is the VectorQ2 power controller (http://3dfs.com/products/vectorq2). It is installed in parallel into a commercial 3 phase 208/240V electrical network and optimizes all electricity, reducing costs and improving the quality of service and electrical network stability while protecting and monitoring the loads.

The VectorQ2 system uses subcycle correction and acquires and analyzes power consumption data through energy disaggregation algorithms. The algorithms identify, track, and log individual consumption for any load in the electrical network. The client can link devices to costs and group in any way desired for precision energy use reporting.

Over time, the normal operational range of power use for each device is logged and historical profiles are built and analyzed for deviation from that range. Abnormal patterns of power use are detected weeks and months before they become noticeable and notifications are sent to the appropriate people. These Predictive Performance Analytics build over time and adjust for the specific electrical network providing an individualized electrical network profile for precision energy forecasting and capacity planning.

3DFS is proud to announce that all of this advanced energy technology manufacturing is done in the United States, in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

3DFS is currently providing an analysis (http://3dfs.com/solutions/analysis) for clients who want to see how subcycle correction improves electrical network quality of service. For more information please visit the website 3dfs.com, or contact Chris Doerfler at power@3dfs.com.