Tiger Eye Sensor Named as Finalist in Two Categories of the 20th Annual NC Tech Awards

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C. -- Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., the leader in the hands-free, wearable, personal security device market, will be recognized as a finalist in two separate categories at the 20th Annual NC Tech Awards November 12 at the Raleigh Convention Center. The company was named in the “Top Ten Startups to Watch” and “Health & Wellness” categories of the only statewide awards program recognizing excellence in the tech sector, hosted by the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA).

“As a further enhancement to the Tiger Eye Security Sensor, we’re adding elements like cloud server and data management components for our monitoring partners, and are truly becoming a system that will have widespread positive impact on our society,” said CEO Lynn Yanyo, Ph.D., adding, “We’re honored that an organization as highly respected as NCTA is including us in the same breath as so many other high quality innovative companies.”

One of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the burgeoning personal security marketplace, the Tiger Eye Security Sensor™ (TESS™) is a groundbreaking new wearable security device designed to prevent or interrupt assaults, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use.

TESS is a small, hands-free, wearable personal security device that activates when the wearer calls out for help, connecting with a live operator who warns the perpetrator to leave the scene and summons police to the user’s GPS location. At the same time, TESS illuminates the area and begins recording events to help identify and prosecute an assailant through photographic images and audio recordings which are securely sent to the cloud for use by the monitoring partner and law enforcement.

The uniqueness of TESS is related to its small size; how it is triggered by voice; and its advanced communication and data storage network, which is similar to fixed position systems, but in a mobile form.

“TESS is the home security system you take with you,” Dr. Yanyo said.

TESS prototypes are currently being tested in various environments by differing focus groups, using different words to trigger the device.

“People don’t naturally yell ‘help’ in different languages, so one of the things we’re working on is activating on emotion moreso than words,” Dr. Yanyo explained.

Durability, false positives, and clothing-friendly design are some of the other areas currently being tested.

A working prototype TESS (about 50 percent larger than the final device) is being testing in a variety of environments to validate and minimize false activations while ensuring that no true activation is missed.  “The current prototype is very discriminating, even more than we expected from the first iteration tested,” Dr. Yanyo said, adding, “TESS does not activate except to the sound of the owner’s voice.  It discriminates well between the spoken activation word and the word when yelled in fear or need.”

TESS is designed as a platform that can be embedded in several alternative attachment and aesthetic looks.  Just like phone and phone covers, the device is able to be “covered” to look like a pendent necklace, a batman clip for a child, dropped into a name badge for real estate agents or home health care or clipped to a backpack or purse strap.

Tiger Eye Sensor has partnered with Sunnyvale, California-based Nuvation Engineering to develop the TESS prototype and manufacture the final product.

Earlier this summer, Tiger Eye Sensor was among hundreds of nominees for the NC Tech Awards. An outside consulting firm and an independent selection committee reviewed all nominations and selected the company as a finalist. Winners will be announced live at the NC Tech Awards Gala November 12, an event that regularly draws sell-out crowds of more than 800 technology leaders from across the state.

There are three categories of awards: technology corporate awards (recognizing organizations providing tech solutions), use of technology awards (recognizing organizations that have leveraged technology for improvement) and individual awards (executives that have led technology innovations).

TESS is expected to be released for sale to the public in 2016. For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.

About Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc.
Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc. is the leader in the hands-free wearable personal security device market. Its innovative Tiger Eye Security Sensor™ (TESS™) is designed to stop and prevent assaults and attacks, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use. Much like a portable home security system, TESS works with security monitoring providers in real-time while also acting as a deterrent to assaults by verbally warning off the assailant, illuminating the area, and capturing photographic and audio evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. TESS utilizes cutting-edge technology in its hands-free design, weighing less than 11 grams and taking up just one inch square of space, all with a full-day battery charge, making it one of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the personal security marketplace. Tiger Eye is a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business committed to developing products like TESS in an effort to make people safer, more secure, and more empowered. For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.