SCRA Technology Ventures Announces Collaboration

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. -- SCRA Technology Ventures today announced the partnership of SC Launch company, NeuroQuest, and Resource Partner Network member, Silicon Harbor Communications, as NeuroQuest advances diagnostic Alzheimer's disease research and development operations in the United States.

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"We're delighted to bring these two companies together to help accelerate South Carolina's high-tech economy," said SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney. "We've been a long-time supporter of NeuroQuest and are excited to see their continued progress."

NeuroQuest, an Israeli-based biotech company basing its U.S. research and development headquarters in Charleston, is developing a process to determine blood-based immune biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease. Their technology has the potential to allow for rapid, low-cost, accurate diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's years before symptomatic onset.

Preliminary clinical trials demonstrated a high degree of validity in NeuroQuest's biomarker technology, based mainly on the work of world-renowned scientist Dr. Michal Schwartz. Additional clinical trial data as well as recent published scientific studies have further bolstered confidence in NeuroQuest's technology.

"The support and patience demonstrated by SCRA, SC Launch, the South Carolina medical community and our investors has been crucial to our progress," said Dan Touitou, CEO of NeuroQuest. "Partnering with an SC Launch Resource company like Silicon Harbor Communications to help us communicate our activities in the United States is a logical and necessary step to ensure key stakeholders are kept up to date with our progress."

Silicon Harbor Communications, an SCRA Resource Partner since August 2014, provides integrated marketing communications services for South Carolina startup companies. They will serve as NeuroQuest's U.S.-based public relations and marketing partner.

"We're excited to be aligned with NeuroQuest bringing potentially groundbreaking Alzheimer's research to Charleston," said Paul Swiergosz, Principal at Silicon Harbor Communications. "Helping promote startups and the Knowledge Economy in South Carolina is a goal we share with SCRA. We're glad the Resource Partner Network is in place to support that process."

Members of the Resource Partner Network offer their services to SC Launch companies to help promote their growth, often at a significant discount to SC Launch companies.

About SCRA Technology Ventures
SCRA Technology Ventures enables research commercialization and promotes the development of high tech industries, enhancing South Carolina's technology-based economy. Through its flagship SC Launch program, this SCRA business sector makes investments in and offers support services to South Carolina's early stage, start-up technology companies. Multiple economic impact studies show SCRA's cumulative output on South Carolina's economy to be over $18.1 billion, helping create approximately 15,000 technology-related jobs in the state, with annual wages averaging between $55,000 and $77,000.

About NeuroQuest (
NeuroQuest is using patent-pending technology to develop the first blood-based diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease. A portfolio company of Trendlines Medical, based in Misgav, Israel, NeuroQuest's U.S. research and development headquarters is based in Charleston, S.C.

About Silicon Harbor Communications (
Silicon Harbor Communications is a team of integrated marketing communications consultants bringing more than 120 years of global communications experience to the Charleston, S.C. area, providing time-tested strategic solutions for corporations, government, defense, technology, non-profit, and brands.