Confidex Sharing Smart Manufacturing, Logistics Expertise in U.S.

GREENVILLE, S.C. & TAMPERE, FINLAND -- Confidex, the world's leading supplier of efficiency-building radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and label solutions, is sharing its smart manufacturing and logistics expertise at numerous events throughout the United States this fall. Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago are hosting some of the industry conferences where the company is showcasing its ability to produce customized products to collect and use data for process optimization, increasing visibility and minimizing errors with automation.

“Whether it’s something as well-known as automotive logistics or a niche like the pulp and paper industry, companies are looking for new ways to make operations more efficient to compete in the global marketplace,” Confidex North American Director Joe Hoerl said, adding, “They’re looking at developing business models with products based on digital integration, connecting or linking specific items and assets to interconnected systems for real-time data sharing.”

Hoerl pointed out that different industries have different environments and unique product materials which often make RFID tags behave differently. One slight change in material, size, or curvature can cause off-the-shelf tags to fail, which is one reason Confidex takes a consultative approach by designing a customized RFID solution to fit specific needs.

“We control the entire RFID product manufacturing pipeline from rapid prototyping to final product, which allows us to address individualized projects such as the pulp bale label we developed with Metsä Fibre. Not only did they need RFID labels that could work reliably when inserted into bales of pulp, but they needed to dissolve in the pulping process while complying with food contact regulations specified by the FDA and EEC,” he explained.

In the weeks ahead, Confidex will be participating in the PEERS Pulp & Paper Conference in Atlanta October 25-28 and the Rockwell Automation Fair Chicago November 18-19.

Confidex is the enabler of data for customers, providing optimal fit-for-purpose RFID tags and labels to link their physical assets to IT systems. Customers are then better able to optimize their processes and utilize a platform to invent further applications and uses based on this data.

The company works together with partners and clients to develop wireless identification solutions for various applications including smart manufacturing and logistics. Confidex designs RFID tag and label products such as hard tags and washable special labels for returnable transit items; single-use labels for logistics applications; durable hard tags for challenging industrial applications; NFC tags and labels for industrial, authentication and communication applications; easy-to-use all-surface printable labels for industrial and enterprise assets; small-sized, versatile hard tags for managing IT and enterprise assets; and top performing all-purpose hard tags for logistics and transportation applications.

Confidex has recently exceeded the milestone of delivering 500 Million of contactless ticket and short range wireless Internet of Things (IoT) products to its global customers.

For more information, contact Joe Hoerl at or (864) 593-7556.

About Confidex
Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless smart tickets, industrial RFID tags and specialty labels – the key enablers for short-range wireless IoT solutions that make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods or people more efficient and secure. With our global network of over 60 resellers and distributors we serve customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, Americas, Middle-East and Asia. For more information, visit