Nexidia and Cicero Announce Partnership

CARY, N.C. & ATLANTA, GA. -- Cicero Inc. (OTCBB: CICN), a leading provider of analytics and automation software for the back office and contact center, and Nexidia, a leading provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation and financial trading compliance, today announced a partnership that will deliver an innovative approach to recording and desktop analytics for PCI compliance and deeper insight into customer interactions. The solution is being deployed for a large communications company who will utilize pause and resume, a capability that suspends the recording of sensitive information during the call, as well as screen capture to gather valuable metadata from the agent's desktop.

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Cicero Discovery is a lightweight and configurable tool that easily collects targeted data and events from existing applications running on the agents' desktops, for the purposes of analyzing agent call handling behavior, identifying customer characteristics, and driving particular agent workflows. Specifically, Cicero Discovery augments Nexidia's recording platform, Nexidia Capture, to provide Desktop Trigger, an enhanced PCI-compliant capability for the agent desktop. Nexidia Desktop Trigger automatically triggers the call muting and screen masking features of Nexidia Capture during the portions of a call where sensitive information is discussed, e.g. when agents gather credit card information during payment processing. Nexidia Desktop Trigger integrates with any desktop application (CRM, CTI etc.) and can be deployed without any changes to the target application. In addition, Nexidia Desktop Trigger tags call recordings and screen captures with business event data gathered from the desktop application(s),
as well as the point in time specific events occurred during an interaction with a customer, e.g. the point in the call where the order was placed, the order number, the order resolution status, etc. This information can be used with Nexidia Interaction Analytics, a complete customer interactions analytics solution, as additional metadata to further refine insights into agent efficiency and customer experience. These new solutions extend Nexidia's capabilities to derive actionable intelligence from the customer interactions while ensuring regulatory compliance.

"Together with Cicero Discovery, Nexidia offers a simple and low cost way to bypass the sometimes difficult task of acquiring data from other parts of an enterprise. Nexidia's Desktop Trigger integrates with any desktop application and can be deployed without any changes to the actual application," says John Willcutts, Nexidia's CEO. "That level of functionality ensures less complexity upfront and more security and PCI-compliance."

Benefits of the partnership include:

Real-time call muting and masking of sensitive information at the agent desktop ensures PCI compliance

Tagging calls with new metadata from the agent desktop maximizes speech analytics insights

Pause and resume functionality prevents credit card and other sensitive data from being recorded, complying with security best practices

Reliable desktop triggering enables the complete value chain of interaction analytics

"Since the passage of Dodd-Frank legislation in 2010, regulatory compliance in the contact center has become a fact of business life, the power of which cannot be underestimated," said Saddletree Research Chief Analyst, Paul Stockford. "Likewise, the desire to better understand and automate activities at the agent desktop has become an overriding industry issue as demonstrated by current industry demand for desktop and other analytics solutions. This multi-dimensional partnership between Nexidia and Cicero represents a unique value proposition for the contact center; one in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This powerful technology combination addresses customer experience optimization and regulatory compliance with equal authority and benefit, creating a new class of customer care solution for today's rapidly evolving business and customer service environment."

The partnership will, in essence, eliminate the difficulty associated with retrieving vital application and process data that is normally out of reach, resulting in both improved customer and agent experiences.

"Cicero Discovery is delivering new actionable information about how employees use technology that companies have not had access to in the past. This new wealth of data is being used to identify key moments during customer interactions and employee tasks that need to be addressed, resulting in new training, processes, or technologies," stated John Broderick, CEO of Cicero Inc. "We look forward to working with Nexidia by providing this new operational data they can use with their contact center customers."

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