VectorVest Announces Launch of VectorVest 7 for Europe, Hong Kong, India

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- VectorVest, a worldwide leading stock analysis system, recently announced the release of VectorVest 7 in Europe, Hong Kong, and India. The highly advanced platform, which is already available for U.S. markets, offers VectorVest clients who are trading overseas new and improved features, enabling them to successfully trade in over 7,000 listed shares. VectorVest 7 analyzes, organizes, ranks and graphs thousands of shares through an innovative and highly intuitive interface that can be customized to the individual needs of each and every user. The sophisticated platform features easily adjusted market data windows to allow traders to maximize their trading experience, while rising shares are continuously identified based on VectorVest's unique Value, Safety and Timing analysis.

The improved features of VectorVest 7 include the option to easily integrate share data into portfolio dynamics, to automatically display support and resistance levels on charts, and to set signals and trading alerts once predetermined conditions are fulfilled. An enhanced back-testing function provides traders with the option to review their trade history on the basis of VectorVest strategies, as well as other criteria. The upgrade from VectorVest OnLine to VectorVest 7 is now offered free-of-charge to existing VectorVest clients.

"Already providing among the most advanced investment research available, VectorVest's launch of VectorVest 7 in Europe, Hong Kong, and India is a milestone for investors," said Managing Director Robert Markham. "Enhanced charts, combined with a dashboard developed for the trader's eye, improved back-testing capabilities, and the alert system have elevated our product into an even higher gear. Now the tracking of market and share data, which is invaluable for making informed decisions, has just gotten quicker, smarter and easier than ever." These amazing new products offer coverage of 15 share markets, including Euronext's Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris, as well as Berlin, Athens, Irish, Milan, Madrid, Vienna, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market, National Stock Exchange of India, India Index, and the Bombay Stock Exchange shares.

About VectorVest
VectorVest has been providing the highest quality investment research to investors for 27 years. The company's comprehensive investment approach combines the expert insight of fundamental valuation with the extensive power of technical analysis. The result is a convenient stock analysis software package suitable for all types of investors. VectorVest offers Buy, Sell or Hold ratings on more than 23,000 stocks on a daily based on a proprietary Value, Safety and Timing system. Due to the increasing demand for these indicators and market timing information, the company has grown into an internationally successful enterprise. Starting with the U.S. market, today VectorVest encompasses markets in Canada, Australia, U.K., Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, and India. Further information and a free trial can be found at

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