Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc. Partners with Nuvation Engineering

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C. & SUNNYVALE, CALIF. -- Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., the leader in the hands-free, wearable, personal security device market, is pleased to announce its partnership with Sunnyvale, California-based Nuvation Engineering. Nuvation brings extensive engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain expertise, and strong industry connections to the prototyping and manufacturing of the Tiger Eye Security Sensor™ (TESS™), a groundbreaking new wearable security device designed to prevent assaults, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use.

“The quality and sheer number of complex electronic design projects Nuvation has delivered since 1997 showcase the project management and production process expertise the company will bring to our commercialization efforts,” Tiger Eye Sensor Founder and President CJ Scarlet said, adding, “Bringing Nuvation on board guarantees us the engineering wherewithal to get our product to market.”

One of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the burgeoning personal security marketplace, TESS is a small, hands-free, wearable personal security device that activates when the wearer calls out for help, connecting with a live operator who warns the perpetrator to leave the scene and summons police to the user’s GPS location. At the same time, TESS illuminates the area and begins recording events to help identify and prosecute an assailant through photographic images and audio recordings which are sent to the cloud.

According to Scarlet, the fact that Nuvation is located on the West Coast will help the company logistically as it continues to grow its presence in that region of the country. Nuvation is a provider of turnkey electronic engineering services from concept and design through volume production with clients including top-tier technology leaders such as General Dynamics, Fujitsu and Siemens.

“TESS addresses a potential multi-billion dollar market and its production is being driven by a phenomenal and passionate executive team,” said Michael Worry, Nuvation CEO.

Worry explained that his excitement at helping to bring TESS to market goes beyond the financial opportunity. “As an engineer and father of two daughters, I think we have a duty to use technology to protect our families and gather evidence against those who think they can get away with illegal and immoral crimes,” he said.

Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc. recently won the Startup Showcase competition at the 2015 State of Technology conference hosted by the North Carolina Technology Association. The company was one of six NC-based finalists selected out of dozens of applicants looking to pitch an audience of 500+ business and technology leaders at the event, winning recognition and prizes from sponsors as well as the eye of potential investors and strategic partners.

TESS is expected to be released for sale to the public in 2016. For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.

About Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc.
Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc. is the leader in the hands-free wearable personal security device market. Its innovative Tiger Eye Security Sensor™ (TESS™) is designed to stop and prevent assaults and attacks, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use. Much like a portable home security system, TESS works with security monitoring providers in real-time while also acting as a deterrent to assaults by verbally warning off the assailant, illuminating the area, and capturing photographic and audio evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. TESS utilizes cutting-edge technology in its hands-free design, weighing less than 11 grams and taking up just one inch square of space, all with a full-day battery charge, making it one of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the personal security marketplace. Tiger Eye is a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business committed to developing products like TESS in an effort to make people safer, more secure, and more empowered. For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.

About Nuvation
Nuvation Engineering is a North American product realization company that performs all aspects of electronic product development, from initial concept and design through to volume production. Their partnerships with leading semiconductor manufacturers and 18 years in electronic design and embedded software engineering enable them to deliver high-quality solutions to organizations quickly and cost-effectively. www.nuvation.com