Almawave and Cicero Partner to Deliver Integrated Contact Center Solutions

CARY, N.C. -- Cicero Inc. (OTCBB: CICN), a leading provider of analytics and automation software for the back office and contact center, and Almawave, a leading provider in innovative CRM, Big Data, text and speech analytics products, today announced a new partnership to bundle Cicero Discovery with Almawave's Iride Natural Interface product.

Cicero Discovery is a lightweight and configurable tool that collects identified, targeted data from existing applications. Almawave is using Cicero Discovery to access and pass this data between legacy and other end-user applications and the Iride Natural Interface, expanding the product's existing capabilities and providing more flexibility to contact center environments. These new capabilities will allow contact centers to easily adopt Almawave's Iride Natural Interface as their single front-end multi-channel Customer Contact Management solution without the need for expensive, time-consuming integration projects.

More specifically, the new integrated solution will enable contact centers to:

Dramatically increase the operational efficiency with a significant cost savings

Improve the employee experience and drastically reduce the need for training

Understand in real time the reason for any customer contact across channels

Begin automating employee tasks and working with models based on process/case, reducing their effort during each customer interaction

Improve the customer experience across contact channels

Leverage legacy and other existing applications for easy integration and rapid implementation

Drive CRM and other application actions

"Cicero's technology and experience in contact center environments have a perfect fit with our product strategy. With the integration of their product's capabilities, we can now offer to our clients enhanced opportunities to transform and simplify the way to engage with their end users, simultaneously improving overall satisfaction and achieving a new level of efficiency, never imagined before," said Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave. "We are very pleased with the initial results with our clients."

"Almawave's expertise and success in developing contact center technologies that reduce employee effort and improve the customer experience stands out in the industry," said John Broderick, CEO of Cicero Inc. "We're excited to have a leader in customer engagement complement their solutions with our technology. We look forward to working with Almawave on upcoming projects."

About Almawave
Almawave is one of the leading Italian players globally operating in the CRM, Big Data Knowledge Management and Customer experience sectors. The Company was established in 2008 to deliver innovative enterprise solutions easy to use and based on the new paradigm of natural language to improve people experience (Customers, employees, Top Managers). Almawave's "Iride Suite" integrates emerging technology innovation drivers -- semantics, statistics, automatic speech recognition, adaptive interface -- into one single platform, enabling a new way of interacting with work tools. Almawave is a member of the AlmavivA Group, the Italian leader in the Information & Communication Technology operation Industry with over 42,500 people in 39 Italian offices and 16 offices abroad across Brazil, Belgium, Columbia, USA, China, South Africa and Tunisia. Learn more at

About Cicero Inc.
Cicero provides analytics and automation software that help organizations isolate process issues and automate employee tasks in the contact center and back office. Leveraging a suite of sensors, Cicero Discovery provides user endpoint analytics by collecting activity data and mapping employee effort to highlight areas for improvement in business processes, compliance, training and application utilization. Business analysts and IT then target these areas with Cicero Discovery Automation to automate tasks and simplify employee work. By realizing and removing the barriers to productivity, customers such as Nationwide and UBS use Cicero solutions to build enterprise value by improving performance, reducing cost, and transforming the employee and customer experience. Learn more at

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