VectorVest Announces Successful Investing Quick Start Workshop Series

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- VectorVest has been one of the most powerful tools for analyzing stock performance for more than 25 years, earning a stellar reputation from thousands of satisfied investors. Now, the company offers a series of investment workshops in major cities across the world that teaches participants vital skills to successfully and consistently manage their portfolio in just 10 minutes a day.

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Countries that benefit from the extensive workshop series include the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Australia and South Africa. The perfect introduction for new investors is the free "Successful Investing Workshop": Consisting of six sessions covering topics such as "Quickly & Easily Analyze Your Stocks," "How to Pick the Best Stocks to Buy," or "Putting Your Plan in Action," that teach participants how to understand a stock in only 30 seconds and make key portfolio decisions based on that knowledge.

The seminars show how to effectively manage risks by utilizing four clear-cut graph signals that indicate when it is time to sell, and how the VectorVest system can be used to identify ideal stocks for a portfolio. Emphasis is also put on timing, a crucial factor in any investment transaction, because knowing when to buy is just as important as knowing what to buy. At the end of this introductory workshop, even novice investors can feel comfortable in establishing their own trade plan based on a clear vision and the knowledge that VectorVest will help them with all important decisions down the road.

The VectorVest system monitors thousands of stocks daily, calculating two measures of value for each stock in its database. The first measure is Value, the stock's current worth, which is determined by such factors as cash flow, earnings, earnings growth, profitability, inflation, and interest rates. The second measure is Relative Value (RV), which identifies a stock's potential for long-term price growth projected three years out, computed by an analysis that factors in AAA Corporate Bond Rates and risk. There are numerous investment strategies that may be applied to the VectorVest data, but no matter what the strategy and current market conditions, the system is flexible and reliable and invariably returns impressive portfolio growth with its clear-cut buy/sell signals. For more information, visit: