RxMedic Announces New Pharmacy Robot; Engineered to Use Exclusive TriMaxx™ Triangular Vials

WAKE FOREST, N.C. -- RxMedic, a leader in automated dispensing equipment for pharmacies, recently announced its latest pharmacy automation solution, RM200. RM200 builds on the innovation of previous releases, including RM64 and ADS, while offering new features for pharmacies. RM200 fills two prescriptions a minute, utilizes auto-calibrating cell technology and allows users to replenish vials by pouring them directly from the box into the hopper.

"RM200 has been designed to further enhance efficiency and productivity. This pharmacy robot takes the best of existing features, and then goes further," said David M. Williams, Vice President, RxMedic Systems. "We have engineered the RM200 to work with conventional vials, as well as be able to fill prescriptions into unique triangular vials. The TriMaxx™ vial is becoming a popular choice for pharmacists, but until now, pharmacies typically had to choose between automation and TriMaxx™. RM200 can successfully use these vials, providing pharmacists with a robotic solution."

"Tri State Distribution is proud to be associated with RxMedic and we're very excited that they've engineered the RM200 to use our exclusive TriMaxx™ container system. Combining the powerful patient communication and promotional features of the TriMaxx™ system with a 200-cell automated dispensing system gives pharmacies a unique opportunity to use automation to help build their business as well as to streamline it," said Joe Miceli, President, Tri State Distribution.

"From our vantage point, RxMedic is a wonderful company to work with. We know our customers will appreciate their positive commitment to excellence when they choose RxMedic for their pharmacy automation needs," said Dave Miceli, Vice President, Tri State Distribution. "Their engineering team worked tirelessly to adapt the RM200 to work with the unique triangular shape of the TriMaxx™ container, illustrating the 'can-do' attitude that RxMedic brings to the pharmacy automation market."

"Tri State Distribution is a company well known for its quality products and innovation in vial development," said Williams. "We are excited to work with them as we introduce our newest offering, the RM200 Automated Dispensing System."

Visitors to the NACDS Total Store Expo in Denver, August 22 - 25, 2015 will have the opportunity to view the RM200 firsthand.

About RxMedic Systems:
RxMedic provides advanced automated dispensing technology to pharmacies, including Automated Counting Systems (ACS), Automated Dispensing Systems (ADS, RM64 and RM200), Eyecon Visual Counting System. The RxMedic unique photo verification process provides pharmacies with digital documentation of every prescription. RxMedic products utilize HEPA filtration and exclusive vacuum technology for unsurpassed air quality. Each prescription is dispensed directly into a vial, increasing patient safety by eliminating cross-contamination risks. All RxMedic products are backed by nationwide on-site service. RxMedic is a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation.

For more information about RxMedic, visit www.rxmedic.com.

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