Elster Introduces Connexo® NetSense for Advanced Mesh and Cellular Data Collection

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Elster introduces Connexo NetSense, the cellular and RF mesh data collection application of its recently launched Connexo unified utility intelligence solution. Evolved from Elster's EnergyAxis® Management System (EA_MS), Connexo NetSense is designed to support Elster's Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and communication networks for North American and Latin American markets. It gives utilities a simplified means to collect data from both RF and cellular networks, providing greater geographic coverage and collection frequency flexibility.

It provides multi-device communications support for metering endpoints, sensors and grid management equipment, and offers the communications coverage needed in both dense and sparsely populated service territories and across all types of terrain. This helps utilities streamline operations and reduces the time and costs associated with AMI implementation and support.

"Connexo NetSense gives utilities the greatest possible network communications coverage and the data collection flexibility they need as they transition to Smart Grid 2.0, with its highly evolved and more intelligent grid edge devices," said Harris Glover, Elster Vice President of Product Management.

Compared to earlier generations of data collection technology, Connexo NetSense provides faster and easier access to multiple types of data, such as load profiles, register reads, events and communication logs. The system delivers an easy-to-understand view of the mesh network, and its native reporting features an intuitive HTML5-based user interface that makes it simpler for users to access and leverage AMI data. Additional benefits and features include:

Reduced need for expensive and time-consuming field visits because device firmware can be updated remotely over the AMI network.

Increased database flexibility and cost containment through embedded, scalable technology that can expand as needed to accommodate the needs of both large and small utilities.

More deployment alternatives through best practice-based, out-of-the-box functionality, as well as the ability to adapt to the unique processes of each utility.

Enhanced on-board analysis results using built-in tools for transformer load optimization, volt/VAR control, outage response and tamper alerts.

Easier and faster results through automated reports for interval data monitoring, exceptions, system health and events. Connexo NetSense also encompasses flexible ad hoc reporting capabilities.

About Elster
Elster delivers complete smart grid and energy management solutions that drive energy efficiency, operational improvements and cost savings for utilities, commercial and industrial customers and consumers. Elster uses its speed and agility to drive interoperability and open standards and strategically collaborates with customers and partners.

Its end-to-end electricity, water and gas offerings include advanced meters/sensors, secure communications, and data collection, management and analytics. Elster is dedicated to customer success in more than 130 countries through Elster's professional integration services, technical support and training.

For more information about Elster, please visit www.elstersolutions.com and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ElsterSolutions. For information about Connexo, visit Connexo.com, and follow the Connexo Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/Elster_Connexo.

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