Tiger Eye Sensor Wins NCTA 2015 State of Technology Startup Showcase Competition

DURHAM, N.C. -- Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., the leader in the hands-free, wearable, personal security device market, recently won the Startup Showcase competition at the 2015 State of Technology conference hosted by the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA). Tiger Eye was one of six NC-based finalists selected out of dozens of applicants looking to pitch an audience of 500+ business and technology leaders at the event, winning recognition and prizes from sponsors as well as the eye of potential investors and strategic partners for the company’s Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS).

“Unlike many pitch competitions, the winner was selected by live voting (via phone app) from the audience. That we were selected by this group of tech leaders is a strong response and recognition to the need for real-time, live help, audio and video recording, and hands-free voice activation elements of TESS,” said Lynn Yanyo, Ph.D., CEO who pitched on behalf of Tiger Eye.

“Everybody gets the concept of how important it is to not have to fumble for your cell phone or a can of mace in the chaos of an assault. With the current trends of miniaturization and cellular access, there is just no reason we can’t take our home monitoring systems with us where ever we go,” she added.

A small, hands-free, wearable personal security device that activates when the wearer calls out for help, TESS illuminates the area and begins recording events to help identify and prosecute an assailant through photographic images and audio recordings which are sent to the cloud.  In addition to recording an incident, TESS helps stop and prevent attacks by connecting with a live operator who warns the perpetrator to leave the scene and summons police to the user’s GPS location.

This is the second year that the Startup Showcase has been held at State of Technology, NCTA’s flagship technology conference.  The goal is to raise the awareness of the startup community and connect them with executives from the more established technology companies that are looking to partner with or acquire these companies.

The 2015 State of Technology conference is the latest in a string of invitations Tiger Eye has been receiving (and winning) to pitch TESS at competitions and to potential investors. In addition, CJ Scarlet, Tiger Eye founder and president, continues to speak about sexual assault prevention and victim advocacy at events nationwide and through high-profile media outlets like NPR.

“The technology behind TESS makes it one of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the burgeoning personal security marketplace,” she explained, adding, “It’s essential that as many people as possible gain access to an important, easy-to-use device like TESS for protection against an ever-present and, unfortunately, increasing threat in the form of personal and sexual assaults”

Scarlet said Tiger Eye’s largest target market is the 106 million women ages 25-65 who are concerned about their own safety and who are the parents and caregivers of female college students, school-age children and the elderly. Additional markets include special interest groups, such as runners or real estate agents who find themselves in isolated locations on a regular basis.

Held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, the 2015 State of Technology conference hosted a capacity crowd of over 550 leaders from across the state as well as major high-profile speakers and sponsors like IBM, Cisco, SAS and Google.

For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.

About Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc.
Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., is the leader in the hands-free wearable personal security device market. Its innovative Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS) is designed to stop and prevent assaults and attacks, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use. Much like a portable home security system, TESS works with security monitoring providers in real-time while also acting as a deterrent to assaults by verbally warning off the assailant, illuminating the area, and capturing photographic and audio evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. TESS utilizes cutting-edge technology in its hands-free design, weighing less than 11 grams and taking up just one inch square of space, all with a full-day battery charge, making it one of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the burgeoning personal security marketplace. Tiger Eye is a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business committed to developing products like TESS in an effort to make people safer, more secure, and more empowered. For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.