Crowdfunding Seminar Hitting Wilmington May 28

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Crowdfunding is one of the most exciting new innovations in business financing. Anyone who is starting or expanding a business needs to know about it. Wilmington startup community leader Jim Roberts will be hosting a free, comprehensive crowdfunding seminar May 28 at Ironclad Brewery. The event will feature Mark Easley, one of NC’s foremost experts and influencers, along with other crowd funding professionals such as Bill Warner, founder of and a crowdfunding advocate, and Sean Steigerwald and Jon Spinney, founders of of Malartu Funds, NC's first crowdfunding platform.

We are also pleased to announce that North Carolina Treasury Secretary Janet Cowell will be here to talk about the NC Innovation Fund.


Introduction by Jim Roberts
Introduction to the crowdfunding market - Mark Easley
Crowdfunding campaigns best practices - Bill Warner
Wilmington crowdfunder story - FreakerUSA
Wilmington crowdfunder story - CrossTap
Wilmington crowdfunder story - Petrics
NC Innovation Fund - Treasury Secretary Janet Cowell
Choosing a crowdfunding platform - Sean Steigerwald and Jon Spinney
Networking time

Mark Easley says, “Investment fundraising is not just for tech startups. It works well for small business too, and tens of millions of dollars have already been raised by small business owners. That means businesses in market segments all across North Carolina can benefit from investment crowdfunding.”

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