CBC New Media Releases Redesigned WRALSportsFan.com App

RALEIGH, N.C. -- WRAL’s popular local sports app gets a major league makeover, as CBC New Media Group hits a grand slam with the release of a new version to Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The redesigned WRALSportsFan mobile app got a new uniform and will look different from the moment you enter, starting with a new splash screen and improved, easy to navigate, home screen.

The app includes out of the park features such as coverage of your favorite local teams, scores, schedules and quick access to audio streams. It also includes a team of new features designed to deliver a better user experience. They include:

Live, local scoreboard right on the homescreen. Full scores for all sports and leagues one click away.
Live streaming from The Fan, The Buzz, The Ticket -- you can stream while you do other things on your phone outside the app.
The latest sports headlines at a glance.
One-click access to the latest audio interviews from sports radio and video from WRAL Sports.
Deep-linking push alerts that take you directly to important sports stories and local team updates.
Podcasts from The Fan, The Buzz, The Ticket -- listen on-demand any time.

Also new in this update: the option to customize the app so you can see your team's news, photos and video FIRST.

“There are plenty of sports apps available to the user these days. However, I think users will find that the WRALSportsFan app is simply the best application for coverage of local sports available today,” says Brian Maloney, general manager for Capitol Broadcasting Company’s 99.9 The Fan and The Buzz sports radio stations featured on the new app. “We have found a way to package all of our sports products together in one place for the user to access on the go” he adds.

The WRALSportsFan.com app is available for free to iOS users at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wral-sports-fan/id480790917?mt=8. For Android users, free download of the app is available in the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mylocaltv.wcmc. Users who already have the WRALSportsFan.com app installed should be prompted to download an update, which will overwrite the old version of the app with the new one.

Additional free apps, including the WRAL News App and the WRAL Weather Alert app, can be found in the app stores and on the mobile download page of WRAL.com: http://www.wral.com/mobileapps

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