Axxess Unlimited, Inc. (AXXU) Releases Proprietary Workplace Drug Test Compliance Service

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Axxess Unlimited, Inc. (OTC PINK: AXXU) announces the release of its "Workplace Drug Test Compliance Service" software on May 29, 2015. Developed as a cloud base, annual software as a solution (SaaS) subscription, this software provides employers an efficient and cost-effective tool to develop and manage employee drug testing programs. "Workplace Drug Test Compliance Service" provides federal, state and public/private employers the ability to create, manage and implement a drug testing program, acceptable under all federal and state jurisdictions. Human resource, risk management, legal and safety personnel can have the tools and information to properly administer federal and state rules on employee drug testing programs.

By using AXXU's drug testing compliance service, an employer positions themselves to potentially deny workers compensation claims that involve positive drug testing results. Not having or utilizing a drug testing platform, employers open themselves up to a litany of legal and insurance issues which can be minimized or avoided.

Richard Sharp, Axxes Unlimited, Inc.'s CEO, states, "Launching the 'Workplace Drug Test Compliance Service' is a huge milestone for AXXU. With more and more states legalizing the recreational and/or medical uses of Marijuana, AXXU's compliance testing software ensures employer's the ability to provide a drug-free workplace that is, and will remain compliant under federal and state rules/laws."

Compliance kits have guides, checklists and all the necessary tools for employers' employee drug test programs. This service is being white labeled with several business cloud base third party administrators and drug test industry experts, which enables AXXU to reach over 10M employers. During beta testing, an employer saved $6.5 million in worker compensation claims and showed a 20% reduction in claims.

AXXU believes sales will grow based on the fact that the "Workplace Drug Test Compliance Service" software provides everything needed for an employer to create and maintain a cost-effective and efficient drug testing solution.

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