Sibling Groups Blended Schools Network Powers Mountain House High Schools Personalized Learning

DURHAM, N.C. -- Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SIBE), (the "Company" or "Sibling Group"), an educational technology company, highlighted today Mountain House High School's personalized learning efforts and success driven by Sibling Group's Blended Schools Network ("BSN") curriculum. From the planning stage to the open of the High School in September 2014, Mountain House partnered with BSN to create a personalized learning environment, using Blended Schools Network's courses and the Canvas Learning Management System.

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Mountain House High School is part of the Lammersville Unified School District, which services areas of San Joaquin County and Alameda County in California. A team of department chairs was tasked with the job of using BSN lessons to create custom curriculum pathways to become the school's official A-G curriculum. Through consulting and extensive onsite and online training, BSN worked with Lammersville staff from the curriculum planning process to the first day of school. In the school's first year of operation, Mountain House has successfully implemented a personalized learning system throughout the school.

Mr. Ben Fobert, Principal at Mountain House High School commented, "The great thing about the Blended Schools Network curriculum is that it is completely modular and was the initial selling point for us. The curriculum is also Common Core and iNACOL aligned. We are now implementing our first summer school classes this year using the BSN curriculum."

Through this collaboration with Mountain House High School, Blended Schools Network has now successfully achieved A-G certification for its high school courses. A-G certification is required for any curriculum used in California. This designation means that any school in the California, which is the largest school system in the United States with over 6.2 million students in enrolled in K-12, can now partner with BSN to provide personalized and online learning.

BSN helped Lammersville and the Mountain House High School meet their mission by providing key online elements that help ensure they succeed with:

Student engagement: All classes have a fundamental commonality using Lammersville technology and Blended Schools Network content to create student-centered classes that engage the student in learning. This comes in all forms from automated video lessons, to lab activities and formative assessments.

Community outreach and communication: Blended Schools Network worked closely with Mountain House staff to help communicate clearly with students and parents about what to expect and how to operate in a new kind of classroom.

Differentiation: Mountain House High School has a large diversity of students both racially and economically. The course design focused on providing every student with the greatest path for success.

"Mountain House High School's leadership was strategic about their adoption of our curriculum," said Jed Friedrichsen, Sibling Group Chief Academic Officer and a Blended Schools Network co-founder. "The professional learning plan for their staff created a transformational, personalized learning climate. Through our collaboration with Mountain House High School, Blended Schools Network has now successfully achieved A-G certification for our high school courses, which empowers us to provide engaging online courses for all secondary schools in the state of California."

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