Mid-Atlantic Imaging Installs Viztek PACS

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Viztek, the leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, announced the installation of the Viztek Opal-RAD PACS at the Mid-Atlantic Imaging Centers in Norfolk, Virginia. With more than 15,000 screening mammograms and more than 2000 diagnostic exams performed annually, the growing practice selected Viztek for the advanced mammography reporting capabilities and the ability for the PACS to integrate with any modality -- including tomosynthesis -- while cost effectively providing storage for a significant volume of exams.

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"Viztek won the performance and value battle, hands down," said Gail Trimyer, manager at Mid-Atlantic Imaging Centers. "We now have a system that seamlessly integrates with our billing, scheduling and dictation systems and a PACS that has impressed our radiologists with its capabilities."

With the Viztek PACS and mammography tracking capabilities, reports are available almost-instantaneously, according to the facility. The streamlined software compiles monthly reporting statistics in less than 50-60% of the time previously needed, which helps provide valuable data for the facility which works with many contracted radiologists. Additionally, once Mid-Atlantic Imaging Centers hits the one year mark with the Viztek system, they also look to save significant time when reporting to comply with the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA), which is built directly into the system; something their former software did not have.

"All of the reporting is so fast and straightforward, and particularly the radiologists reports. Sometimes the patients are not out of the office before the report is generated and distributed electronically back to the physicians," Trimyer said. "Report turn-around is something extremely important to us. We have always been able to have a 24 hour turnaround but to have these reports available immediately has become invaluable."

The quick turn-around time for the facility, which has been in business for over fifteen years, means the referring physicians, of the 80 patients that are seen every day, can get immediate results.

"Ninety-four percent of the facility's work is screening and our patients trust us to deliver quality diagnoses quickly. The Viztek Opal-RAD allows us to do that," said Dr. Kenneth Muhlendorf, Director of Mid-Atlantic Imaging Centers, which serves as the imaging center for more than 70 physicians within Mid-Atlantic Women's Care, PLC.

Radiologists can personalize settings to their own liking and view any image they want to with the Viztek PACS. The radiologists were also impressed with the ability to see any image -- screening mammography, breast ultrasound and even tomosynthesis -- on one workstation, providing an upgrade path for the facility which plans to add tomosynthesis in the near future. The ability to readily share images with other facilities is also a plus.

"Viztek's innovative approach of using consumer technology to enhance and advance is proving invaluable for healthcare, specifically the improvements we are able to provide to breast imaging facilities," said Steve Deaton, Viztek's vice president of sales. "We are looking forward to make sure that our software can grow with a facility and anticipate their needs, such as the addition of tomosynthesis or other modalities that may come into play. We want to be a true partner, and the most advanced partner, to meet their needs as well as those of their patients."

For more information on Viztek, visit the company's website www.viztek.net.

About Viztek
Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support for the hospital, imaging center, telemedicine and private practice markets. Launching from the long-standing success of the company's web-based Opal-RAD PACS and RIS imaging software, Viztek introduced EXA, a revolutionary new platform enabling zero footprint full-featured diagnostic viewing paired with server-side rendering for unbeatable speed. The company's innovation in software is complemented by their comprehensive line DR solutions, with panels that come in multiple configurations ranging from retrofit packages to complete new radiology rooms and mobile solutions. For more information, visit www.viztek.net.