JunkieDog.com, Inc. Reports Positive Revenues in Its First Full Quarter of Sales

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- With its fiscal year beginning on July 1st, JunkieDog.com, Inc. (OTC PINK: JKDG) ("The Company") reports earnings of over $313,000 in its second quarter of business. This is The Company's first full quarter of commercial sales which far exceeded expectations. JunkieDog.com's signature product line is its high-end designer shoes which offers elite brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and many others.

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JunkieDog.com reports shoe sales in October of $52,000 followed by $55,000 in November, and $57,000 in December. During this holiday season, total shoe sales were $164,000 which represented over 52% of the overall earnings for The Company's second quarter.

JunkieDog.com currently distributes through established outlets such as Amazon.com and Ebay.com. In the coming year, JunkieDog.com will be looking to acquire additional outlets to distribute merchandise through a new marketing strategy and outreach.

"We have seen JunkieDog.com flourish through the last two quarters and are hoping that the momentum will continue through the end of The Company's fiscal year," commented Roberto Luciano, CEO of JunkieDog.com.

About JunkieDog.com, Inc.

JunkieDog.com (JKDG) is an online e-commerce marketplace that specialize in manufacturing, product sourcing and global distribution of a wide variety of products ranging from women's shoes, Hanes products, pet carriers, exercise pens, hydroponic supplies, heat presses, paper supplies and more. JunkieDog.com has relationships and working agreements in North America and abroad which include manufacturers and major big box retailers that allow JunkieDog.com to have a strong advantage over competitors. JunkieDog.com distributes products through multiple channels including, but not limited to retail e-commerce as well as whole and bulk sales of liquidated merchandise.

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