Happy and Healthy Focus of April Triangle Happy Fix Meetup

CARY, N.C. -- Locally owned positive lifestyle brand Happy Fix® (www.happyfix.com) hosted the Triangle Happy Fix Meetup Group’s second get-together April 13 in Cary at Café Carolina on Weston Boulevard. The event featured area Happbassadors (happiness ambassadors) connecting with other like-minded individuals and hearing from wellness coach, yoga instructor, and corporate wellness consultant Samantha Attard.

“The Happy Fix Meetup Group supports our mission of building a community of Happbassadors who realize that happy feels good and with regular use, positive thinking becomes a habit that improves an individual’s life,” Chief Happbassador Stacy Menzies said, adding, “The speakers we’re bringing into the Meetup Group give attendees practical advice and inspire, educate, and motivate them with ‘Happy Hacks’ to live a more positive life in the physical, mental, spiritual, civic and occupational areas of well-being.”

Menzies started Happy Fix in 2014 as a way to remind individuals that when something goes wrong, it is within their power to greet negative situations with a positive reaction. In addition to the Meetup Group, Happy Fix spreads its message with appearances at events, an active social media presence, informative blog and a line of apparel and other products.

During her Meetup talk, Samantha Attard discussed the concept of how happy and healthy go together with regard to the intersection of physical and emotional health. She explained how individuals think of themselves as five different people – the person someone is at work, the person they are at home, around friends, etc. – and how all parts feed into one another. Accepting the gift of physical wellness, dealing with external resistance, and setting up a “home court advantage” of healthy and positive living were just some of the many helpful insights Attard shared.

She also provided attendees with an eight-step “cheat sheet” for how to get happy with personalized, values-based goals.

In addition to her work as a health coach and yoga instructor, Attard is a PhD student in Nutritional Epidemiology at UNC Chapel Hill studying the effects of community environments on obesity, diabetes, and hypertension throughout adulthood. More information can be found on her website SamanthaAttard.com.

The Triangle Happy Fix Meetup Group is dedicated to sharing resources and information on living positively in the Triangle region of North Carolina through a regular series of ongoing events where like-minded residents, businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs, community groups and nonprofits, and local government officials can gather to celebrate what's great in life.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 11 in Raleigh at a site TBD. There is no charge to attend or participate in the group, but those interested need to join for free online at www.meetup.com/triangle-happy-fix.

About Happy Fix®
Happy Fix® is a positive lifestyle brand that inspires people to celebrate what's great in their lives. Our positive lifestyle apparel and accessories serve as a constant reminder for people that happiness is a choice that’s always within reach, in good times and bad. We seek to build a community of Happbassadors who realize that happy feels good™ and with regular use, positive thinking becomes a habit that improves an individual’s life. Happy Fix is North Carolina’s happiest startup, partnering with local artists and vendors to produce quality, sought-after products people love. Get your Happy Fix today at www.happyfix.com.