March 16 Triangle Happy Fix Meetup Attracts Happbassadors, Examines Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs

CARY, N.C. -- North Carolina’s happiest startup, Happy Fix® ( hosted the first session of the Triangle Happy Fix Meetup Group Monday, March 16 at Café Carolina’s Cary location on Weston Boulevard. A dozen Happbassadors – happiness ambassadors – came to meet liked-minded individuals interested in living positive lifestyles and listen to a presentation on eliminating self-limiting beliefs.

“Everyone came with great attitudes and genuine interest in meeting other happy people,” Stacy Menzies, group manager and president of Happy Fix, said.

Menzies explained that the Meetup Group is one element of her positive lifestyle company’s mission to build a nationwide network of people committed to making active choices to celebrate what’s great in life.

After outlining her goals for the group, Menzies turned the March 16 Meetup spotlight on Michelle Hill, the Strong Copy QB at Winning Proof (, a freelance content writer for athletes, fitness professionals, transformation/success coaches and other small businesses. Hill’s presentation, “Self-Limiting Beliefs: 5 Ways to Break Through and Live Your Genuine Life” was an examination of issues related to communication patterns, self-sabotage, the mentality of lack, the Imposter Syndrome and feeling like you’re not enough.

“Group members were very engaged in Michelle’s talk, which ignited plenty of meaningful dialogue and great ideas on overcoming things like self-doubt,” Menzies said, adding, “There were a lot of people actively taking notes which was a sign her message was having an impact.”

The Meetup started around 6 p.m. with attendees getting to know one another while grabbing a bite from the popular Café Carolina menu. Once presentations and Q&A ended just after 7 p.m., Group members stuck around to connect and share information about their experiences.

Each Triangle Happy Fix Meetup will feature two speakers like Hill who can inspire, educate, and motivate while talking about overcoming obstacles; fixing things that are broken; or providing “happy hacks” on helping people live a positive life in one of five areas of well-being: physical, mental, spiritual, civic and occupational. The Group is actively fielding queries from non-profits, community groups, physicians, dieticians, artists, innovators and entrepreneurs, and others throughout the Triangle community interested in presenting at future Meetups; interested parties should email Menzies at

There is no charge to attend or participate in the group, but those interested need to join for free online at

The Triangle Happy Fix Meetup Group is one of the initiatives spurred on by a successful Kickstarter campaign in the Fall of 2014 to share the Happy Fix mission of positive living with a wider audience.

Triangle Happy Fix is supported by a LinkedIn group of the same name to further generate networking opportunities between members.

Based in Apex, North Carolina, Happy Fix is a positive lifestyle brand that inspires people to celebrate what's great in their lives, with apparel and accessories serving as a constant reminder for people that happiness is a choice that’s always within reach.

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About Happy Fix®
Happy Fix® is a positive lifestyle brand that inspires people to celebrate what's great in their lives. Our positive lifestyle apparel and accessories serve as a constant reminder for people that happiness is a choice that’s always within reach, in good times and bad. We seek to build a community of Happbassadors who realize that happy feels good™ and with regular use, positive thinking becomes a habit that improves an individual’s life. Happy Fix is North Carolina’s happiest startup, partnering with local artists and vendors to produce quality, sought-after products people love. Get your Happy Fix today at