FokusLabs Using Kickstarter to Bring Wearable Tech to Market

WAKE FOREST, N.C. -- It's currently estimated that more than 1 in 10 children ages 4-17 struggle to stay on-task while learning and completing school work. And despite the plethora of wearables which track steps, stairs and calories, none have provided a useful way of getting these children back to their work. FokusLabs' innovative wristband was created in response to this critical problem.  It's a job that has traditionally involved the active intervention of a parent/teacher.  For many, the RE-vibeTM may help.  The pre-programed wristband sends vibrating reminder signals, much like a tap on the shoulder.  It is not uncommon for children who regularly daydream and are off-task to suffer a lack of self-esteem, a feeling that they can't do things on their own - without someone reminding them.  RE-vibe empowers them to be more self-sufficient, more independent.  After several grants and a year of product development, RE-vibe has been transformed into a production-grade prototype powered by patent pending proprietary software. 

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The Kickstarter campaign (3/3/15 - 4/2/15) is aimed at raising the funds necessary to create production molds that will bring this helping and empowering device to market. Those interested in getting a RE-vibe early can do so by supporting the efforts on Kickstarter.   

The RE-vibe Story
Considering all the advances in wearable technology, Rich Brancaccio, a school psychologist working with children with ADHD and on the autism spectrum, was both puzzled and frustrated by the absence of a practical device to provide that helping "tap on the shoulder" that so many children tend to need.  So he decided to invent one.  That required learning about electronics and persevering on his own time to create a basic prototype. Encouraged by his progress, Brancaccio started FokusLabs, obtained some grant funding, brought in a business partner and engaged engineering pros to bring his idea into a marketable reality.

His objective from the start was to help the millions of daydreaming children who struggle to stay on-task at home or school.  Preliminary feedback of the device was encouraging.  The quiet vibration it emits on the wrist, actually helps kids to get back to work.  A simple instruction like, "When you feel this buzz, remember to get back to work", helps the vibration become synonymous with the necessary reminder. RE-vibe's algorithm software eliminates the headaches of programming by featuring several one-touch settings to meet individual user's various levels of need. Based on the chosen setting, it approximates when the user may need a reminder. It is also aimed to mitigate the habituation that users wearing the same device for extended periods of experience.

RE-vibe's unique features:

    Developed by a School Psychologist specializing in Autism & ADHD.
    Three different reminder levels and one homework setting.
    Modern design paired with stylish colors look fashionable and function well.
    Distraction-free design, free of screens, buttons or sound effects.
    Hidden LEDs shine through to warn of low battery, charge or other conditions.
    7+ day battery life on a single charge.
    Rugged, food-grade plastic enclosure free of BPA/BPS, lead & phthalates.
    Velcro-adjustable, washable moisture-wicking band.

About FokusLabs
FokusLabs, Inc. is a North Carolina based company dedicated to helping children (and adults) overcome obstacles faced in the classroom and workplace by fusing psychology with technology.  Its introductory offering is the RE-vibe, a wearable wristband that helps remind users to stay on-task in classrooms, home, or other settings. For more info visit