Carolina West Wireless Enhances Customer Experience With Velleros Network Assurance Service

MORRISVILLE, N.C. -- Velleros, a leading provider of mobile alerting, notification and content delivery solutions, today announced that Carolina West Wireless has selected its new VAST Network Assurance Products and Services (VNAPS). VNAPS will enable Carolina West Wireless to continually view and proactively enhance the performance of its network as viewed from its customers' perspective. Headquartered in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Carolina West Wireless is currently deploying its premier 4G/LTE network.

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Velleros' VNAPS Solution intelligently collects network performance data from mobile devices located anywhere in the carrier's network. This critical information not only empowers the carrier to detect and address network performance issues before the customer experiences a problem, but also provides the carrier's customer support personnel with real-time network performance information to help quickly resolve individual customer complaints. Historically, wireless carriers have had to rely upon accumulated customer complaints along with infrequent and costly drive testing to measure network performance, incurring substantial lag time to discovery and resolution of customer satisfaction-impacting network performance issues.

VNAPS' ability to continually trace network performance from smart phones anywhere in the network is a powerful advantage to the carrier, providing for increased customer satisfaction, increased customer retention and a resultant opportunity to up sell new revenue generating 4G/LTE based features and services.

Carolina West Wireless CEO, Slayton Stewart, remarked, "We are committed to providing our customers with a superior wireless experience. The addition of Velleros' VNAPS solution to our network assurance toolkit enables a more effective and efficient approach to resolving network performance issues before they ever affect our customers."

Carolina West Wireless has been a leader in adopting Velleros' innovative technology, deploying Velleros CMAS and Velleros VAST Mobile Applications and Services (VMAPS) to deliver differentiated services to its customers. VAST is Velleros' widely deployed content management and delivery technology platform.

About Carolina West Wireless

Carolina West Wireless was formed in 1991 and is owned by a partnership consisting of Skyline Telephone, Surrey Telephone, and Wilkes Telephone. Headquarters are in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

About Velleros (
Velleros delivers solutions that enhance the mobile subscriber experience by delivering mobile content through Mobile Apps tightly coupled with the Velleros Aggregation and Syndication Technology (VAST) platform. VAST Mobile Application Products and Services (VMAPS) enable wireless carriers to differentiate themselves with brand consistent hyper-local content, including Branded Mobile Application with CMAS/WEA, News, Personalized Content Manager, Community Notification and Mobile Advertising. VAST Network Assurance Products and Services (VNAPS) provides an "Always-On, Mobile App Sourced" QoS analysis for mobile data networks.