KWIPPED Launches Web Platform Built to Revolutionize B2B Equipment Rentals

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- KWIPPED, Inc. recently launched an online marketplace built to transform the way companies source and rent specialized equipment. The platform aggregates rental demand for more than 500 categories of specialized commercial equipment using proprietary technology to streamline sourcing from a global network of rental suppliers. KWIPPED facilitates the process of sourcing and managing rentals, navigating equipment availability, executing rental contracts and coordinating delivery, thus enabling professionals to focus on their core business.

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“Companies that rely on rental equipment often face roadblocks – many that can hinder project turnaround and even hurt profits,” said Robert Preville, KWIPPED Founder and CEO. “From time wasted on sourcing, to limited availability, to a lack of trust between involved parties, the challenges of renting equipment can be overcome with a platform like KWIPPED.”

These are realities that Preville has experienced firsthand as the founder and previous CEO of, a distributor and rental supplier of test and measurement equipment. He understands the uniqueness of the rental sourcing process and has built KWIPPED to accommodate this. Unlike traditional ecommerce, renting equipment requires insurance, security deposits, accessories, return shipping, replacement costs and the reliability of both the renter and the supplier of the equipment.

According to Preville, many companies are unaware that certain equipment is available for rent. For such firms, KWIPPED can play an educational role. Preville noted, “Discovery of equipment on will enable businesses to expand their capabilities and bid on projects they may have previously passed on due to lack of access to the necessary equipment.”

Like renters, participating suppliers are exposed to potential for business on a large scale. Suppliers can bid on requests for quotes for specific equipment, or can showcase their inventory on the site for immediate rental transactions. KWIPPED matches their inventory to the relevant renter requests, qualifies the renters and offers the first layer of customer service. The end result for suppliers is less equipment on the shelves and higher utilization rates.

KWIPPED is the brainchild of Robert Preville, a successful entrepreneur and investor, who has founded several high growth companies, including (#800 in INC 5000) and (portfolio company of Jeff Bezos’s Bezos Expeditions.) Also on the executive team is Rob Kaiser, an award-winning business journalist and publisher, and Robin Salter, an expert communications strategist with two decades of experience marketing Fortune 500 companies.

KWIPPED, Inc. develops and maintains the world’s first comprehensive B2B online rental marketplace. KWIPPED technology streamlines sourcing from a global network of equipment rental suppliers and reduces risk, assures quality and facilitates trusted relationships between renters and suppliers. The Company aims to maintain a trusted marketplace for professionals to locate, discover and rent specialized equipment for commercial applications. Established in 2014, KWIPPED’s worldwide headquarters is located in Wilmington, NC. For more information, call 800.273.8404 or visit