Innovative Tiger Eye Security Sensor Unveiled to Research Triangle Tech Community

Tiger Eye Sensor Founder CJ Scarlet
RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C. -- CJ Scarlet and Lynn Yanyo, members of the leadership team at Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., unveiled the innovative new Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS) to more than 50 members of the Research Triangle tech community at the February 19 Triangle TechBreakfast. The event was held at the American Underground in Durham and featured four presentations from startups and inventors across a wide spectrum of market sectors. “This is the first live public demo we’ve given on TESS, and it made sense to share it with members of the vibrant innovation community in the Research Triangle area,” Yanyo said.

Scarlet handed out 3D renderings of the small, lightweight wearable personal security device to the crowd while explaining how TESS uses proprietary voice recognition and Bluetooth technology to detect when the wearer calls out for help, connecting with a live monitoring service and summoning police to the user’s GPS location while illuminating the scene with a bright LED, photographing the scene, and recording audio.

Tiger Eye Sensor’s Chief Technology Officer, Arun Kumar, played the role of assailant, demonstrating how the device functions in an actual attack scenario. Scarlet, upon being “assaulted” by Kumar, cried out for help, activating an LED light, photographing her assailant, and automatically placing a call to a security monitoring service, in this case played by another member of the Tiger Eye team at a remote location.

While Scarlet communicated her situation with the live monitoring service, Yanyo brought up the photo of Kumar -- which had been automatically uploaded to the cloud to help law enforcement identify and prosecute him -- for the audience on the venue’s large video screen.

After a lively Q&A session on TESS, Yanyo joined Scarlet and Kumar in networking with attendees.

“TESS was received very well by individuals from promising technology companies and experienced, successful professionals, corporations and investors who were there,” Yanyo explained, adding, “They grasped the concept of TESS functioning much like a home security monitoring system you take with you.

“Interest in where we’re going with the device was very high. I look forward to being able to present this demonstration at additional venues in the region and in Silicon Valley, where our engineering team is located.”

Scarlet was interviewed on-site by a reporter, explaining the genesis of her idea for TESS which is designed for the 106 million women who purchase security devices for themselves and their loved ones, in addition to college students, runners, real estate agents, health care workers, teachers, and business travelers who sometimes find themselves in vulnerable situations. A survivor of a sexual assault, Scarlet has turned her experience into a lifelong mission of prevention and victim advocacy, participating in numerous national events and recently being selected to attend the Women Leaders for the World leadership education program in California for those working to achieve gender equity.

Before her involvement with TESS, CJ, a former Marine, ran a child advocacy center for abused children and served as Director of Victims Issues for the NC Attorney General’s Office, where she implemented the nation’s first statewide victim notification system. This program was selected as a national model by the USDOJ. She holds a master’s degree with an emphasis on Human Violence and is an expert on crime victim issues and technology.

Tiger Eye is a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business committed to developing products like TESS in an effort to make people safer, more secure, and more empowered.

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About Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc.
Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., is the leader in the hands-free wearable personal security device market. Its innovative Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS) is designed to stop and prevent assaults and attacks, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use. Much like a portable home security system, TESS works with security monitoring providers in real-time while also acting as a deterrent to assaults by verbally warning off the assailant, illuminating the area, and capturing photographic and audio evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. TESS utilizes cutting-edge technology in its hands-free design, weighing less than 11 grams and taking up just one inch square of space, all with a full-day battery charge, making it one of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the burgeoning personal security marketplace. Tiger Eye is a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business committed to developing products like TESS in an effort to make people safer, more secure, and more empowered. For more information visit