Tiger Eye Sensor Founder CJ Scarlet Chosen for Global Women’s Leadership Program

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C. -- CJ Scarlet, president of Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., has been selected to attend the Women Leaders for the World (WLW) leadership education program for those working to achieve gender equity around the world. Scarlet will be lending her perspective as a survivor of a sexual assault who has turned her experience into a lifelong mission of prevention and victim advocacy, including developing the Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS), an innovative wearable personal security device.

“Gender equality is arguably the most important issue we must address. If women around the world had rights equal to those of men, particularly access to education, we would have the (wo)manpower and energy to solve the grand challenges the world faces, like poverty, hunger violence and climate change,” Scarlet said.

“The pursuit of gender equality benefits men as well as women and is actually a positive force economically,” she added.

A residential course held in Los Altos, California, beginning in May 2015, WLW is a transformational opportunity for participants to learn how to break through barriers to produce results beyond what was imagined, identify new opportunities to effect local and worldwide challenges, and demonstrate innovative ways of implementing new possibilities.

Scarlet is leading her startup along such a path, designing a new concept in personal security: a voice-activated wearable device that activates when the wearer calls out for help, connecting with a live operator who warns the perpetrator to leave the scene and summons police to the user’s GPS location. At the same time, TESS illuminates the area and begins recording events to help identify and prosecute an assailant through photographic images and audio recordings which are sent to the cloud.

“In a world where violent crimes occur every minute of the day, creative solutions like TESS are desperately needed. The Tiger Eye Security Sensor takes home monitoring to an entirely new level, giving people a more user-friendly and practical way to protect themselves,” Scarlet explained.

Before her involvement with TESS, CJ, a former Marine, ran a child advocacy center for abused children and served as Director of Victims Issues for the NC Attorney General’s Office, where she implemented the nation’s first statewide victim notification system. This program was selected as a national model by the USDOJ. She holds a master’s degree with an emphasis on Human Violence and is an expert on crime victim issues and technology.

Launched in May 2014, Tiger Eye Sensor expects TESS to hit the streets toward the middle of 2015.

For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.

About Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc.
Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., is the leader in the hands-free wearable personal security device market. Its innovative Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS) is designed to stop and prevent assaults and attacks, save lives, and provide actionable evidence for law enforcement use. Much like a portable home security system, TESS works with security monitoring providers in real-time while also acting as a deterrent to assaults by verbally warning off the assailant, illuminating the area, and capturing photographic and audio evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. TESS utilizes cutting-edge technology in its hands-free design, weighing less than 11 grams and taking up just one inch square of space, all with a full-day battery charge, making it one of the most sophisticated devices ever to enter the burgeoning personal security marketplace. Tiger Eye is a majority women-owned, service disabled veteran-owned business committed to developing products like TESS in an effort to make people safer, more secure, and more empowered. For more information visit www.tigereyesensor.com.