Viztek Introduces New 14x17 ViZion + Wireless DR Panel at RSNA

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Viztek, the leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, today announced commercial availability of the ViZion + Wireless DR panel, which will be shown for the first time at RSNA 2014. The easy-to-install 14x17 panel provides both high image quality and high durability. The ViZion + Wireless panel delivers a cost-effective option for all environments including hospitals, imaging centers and mobile imaging units, and further expands Viztek's extensive line-up of imaging systems across the spectrum.

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"There is no one-size-fits-all in imaging, and so Viztek continues to expand our product line-up so regardless of patient volume, exam type or budget, we have the solution to meet your needs," said Joe Cermin, president, Viztek. "The ViZion + Wireless panel is another example of how Viztek continues to truly innovate in the world of imaging. We've taken existing gadolinium technology and made it better, so that cost effective can truly mean high quality."

The 14x17-inch ViZion + Wireless panel is available for both new imaging environments as well as to retrofit existing rooms. With its ISO 4090 cassette size, the ViZion + Wireless panel is designed to fit into any standard bucky and is ideal for easy, efficient adoption and use. The seamless integration into existing x-ray rooms allows for the panel to immediately improve workflow and benefit productivity.

Features include:

    Advanced GOS technology. The wireless DR panel uses the latest generation gadolinium (GOS) technology.
    Unparalleled durability. Considering the frequent and fast-paced handling of wireless panels, the ViZion + Wireless DR panel was developed with robust durability to better sustain falls and water exposure than most panels.
    Drop reporting system. To ensure proper, careful handling and accountability from DR panel users, an integrated reporting system emails administrators when it has been dropped -- including details of the height and time of the fall.

The new panel can be paired with both the ViZion and Ultra Acquire workstation software. Both offer advanced features for image capture, manipulation, and sending to radiologists for interpretation, among additional useful tools to enhance the acquisition process. Additionally, unlike most wireless panels, the Viztek ViZion + Wireless DR panel is equipped with a built-in router to enable wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for outside routers to allow wi-fi accessibility.

"At Viztek our goal is to not bring more products to market, it is to bring better products to market, quickly. We are fueled by innovation and have a model that enables us to quickly respond and deliver so whether it's lower dose, faster systems or a better price point, we make sure that healthcare always has improved solutions to provide the best possible care," added Cermin.

For more on the benefits the ViZion + Wireless panel can offer your facility, visit Viztek's booth #7322 during RSNA.

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