Pozible Launches Crowdfunding Match Program

SHANGHAI and MELBOURNE -- Pozible, Asia Pac’s largest crowdfunding platform, has just announced a partnership with IDG Captial Partners and the Shanghai-Nanxiang government to award matching funds and other support to the entrepreneurs behind the seven strongest Internet of Things (IoT) projects in a three- month promotion starting November 15. Any IoT-related hardware project that registers on the Pozible platform during the three- month season will be eligible for the program, which is open to creators from all over world, including U.S.-based companies. On February 15, 2015, the seven projects that raise the most funds for their campaigns will receive a dollar-for-dollar reward. The top funding campaign will be awarded up to US$81,000; up to US$32,000 matched funds will be granted to the runner- up; and a maximum of US $9,000 will be awarded to the remaining five campaigns.

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In addition to the matched funds, the Shanghai-Nanxiang government will provide the winning campaign owners with manufacturing and prototype resources, free Chinese entity setup services and will even introduce the teams to potential investors.

“As Asia Pac’s biggest crowdfunding platform, Pozible has always been focused on connecting great ideas with great opportunities. This collaboration with the Shanghai- Nanxiang government and IDG Capital Partners allows us to give our creators a great boost in funding,” said Rick Chen, co-founder and CEO of Pozible. “China is a great place for hardware companies to get started, but it can also be challenging for outsiders to navigate its business and manufacturing systems unless they know the market. The support resources the Shanghai-Nanxiang government is offering the winning project creators is more valuable for the long-term future of their companies than the funding itself.”

More information about the program and 20+ partners are available at http://www.pozible.com/one-2-one