Thrive 4-7 LLC Selected as Finalist in 2014 Innovators Challenge

MORRISVILLE, N.C. -- Thrive 4-7 has announced they were part of only 10 percent of companies selected to present their innovative work at the Connected Health Symposium on Oct. 23, 2014 in Boston, MA. The Center for Connected Health (CCH) has organized the Innovators Challenge for the last four years to showcase products that are “genuinely new and potentially game-changing for connected health.” Thrive 4-7’s CEO and Founder Connie Mester will be demonstrating their revolutionary mobile app and support ecosystem, which applies proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies, behavioral theories, psychosocial dynamics and adaptive learning principles while providing users with structured, self-management well-being platform. Thrive 4-7’s application aligns with the 2014 Symposium theme focused on engaging patients outside of a traditional care setting as it designs, develops and delivers personalized mHealth self-management programs to improve individual well-being.

Thrive 4-7 addresses the healthcare industry’s growing need for an effective and inexpensive solution to reduce the crippling health and economic impact of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Today, more than 522 million people worldwide are suffering from depression, and woman experience twice the rate of mental health disorders as men. These health issues impact employers as well, with depression causing an estimated 200 million lost workdays each year resulting in the loss of $17 to $44 Billion dollars a year.

Success in today’s healthcare environment requires best practice chronic care and health management solutions that deliver results. “We are very excited to be selected as 2014 Innovators Challenge winners,” said CEO Connie Mester. “We are a company dedicated to having a positive and enduring social impact, and we feel our platform has the ability to dramatically improve how individuals manage their emotional health and well-being. The 2014 Connected Health Symposium has been a focal point for innovation in personal consumer health technology, and I couldn’t think of a better place to demonstrate our platform for the industry and public.”

Thrive 4-7 recognized that a “one size fits all” approach designed to communicate with the broadest audience does not truly impact the multi-dimensional needs of real people. Instead, they set out to develop a platform specific to mental and emotional health for woman. In-depth research revealed that the ideal solution would be an application which leveraged the accessibility and efficiency of mobile technology combined with evidence-based therapy, utilizing adaptive learning and gaming principles to customize responsive education and support, into a self-reinforcing digital ecosystem. The result is an application that doesn’t just deliver knowledge, but encourages active behavior change.

The Thrive 4-7 platform delivers a self-led, structured health program that encourages engagement through video clips, graphics, animations and interactive simulations. In addition, skill building sessions and peer forums are matched to response; individually tailoring support to each user. The result is what feels like a friend dedicated to helping you see improvements in your daily life and relationships; helping you feel better every day.

Thrive 4-7 will be presenting at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday, Oct. 23. Join the conversation online using @thrivefor7 and #chealth14 on twitter.

About Thrive 4-7 LLC
Founded in 2013, Thrive 4-7, ( is a women-owned, mission-driven company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help people reach and sustain health across all dimensions of wellness. Thrive 4-7 is a Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of North Carolina company, a member of HQ Raleigh, a growing community for entrepreneurs, and part of E51, the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem powered by women. The team’s person-centered approach utilizes emerging mHealth technology to provide impactful and sustainable self-management programs that improve emotional health and well-being. Thrive 4-7 is focused on positively impact individuals, the health care industry, and all stakeholders to further happiness and health in all.

About Connected Health Symposium
The Connected Health Symposium is a change-agent conference that promotes innovative thinking and the application of personal consumer health technologies to support new models of care delivery. The audience includes innovators, researchers, industry representatives and policymakers who gather for knowledge sharing across the connected health landscape. Over 100 speakers and more than 1,000 attendees come together to define the future of care delivery and impact the day-to-day lives of patients.

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