Michigan Dog Owner Wins What’s Fido’s Happy Fix? Snapfest

THE PEAK OF GOOD LIVING: APEX, N.C.  -- North Carolina’s happiest startup, Happy Fix® (www.happyfix.com), drew interest from dog lovers across the country in the positive lifestyle company’s “What’s Fido’s Happy Fix?” Snapfest of people sharing and voting on fun photos showing what their four legged friends like to do for fun. Howie, the 16-year-old blind and deaf canine companion of Danielle from Michigan, received the most admires in the contest, with Danielle choosing a ladies' blue sapphire Happy Feels Good t-shirt and two blast of sunshine koozies as her prize.

“I wanted Howie to win at least one contest before he died,” Danielle said.

Howie is always with Danielle who has Stiff Person Syndrome, an incurable, rare neurological disease that causes stiffness, pain and other symptoms. Howie’s winning photo was of him on vacation with his mom.

During the Snapfest, which lasted through September, contestants were invited to share a photo of their dog (or dogs) doing what he or she (or they) brings them joy. This was the second interactive event Happy Fix has hosted on SnapYeti, the popular free online photo contest marketplace.

“Launching the Snapfest took literally minutes, cost nothing, and got close to 800 visits and 31 entries from people all over the country and even overseas. It’s a really valuable way to get our products and message in front of our target audience,” said Happy Fix Chief Happbassador Stacy Menzies.

Happy Fix continues to build a movement of people active decisions to celebrate what’s great in life and improving their lives with positive thinking in good times and bad. The concept behind Happy Fix is that an individual is not limited by negative situations, but rather has the power to make a conscious choice to stop a sad, frustrating, or anger-inducing moment in its tracks and take action to change the course of that moment into something positive and happy.

Happy feels good at www.HappyFix.com.

About Happy Fix®
Happy Fix® makes positive lifestyle apparel and accessories encouraging people to make an active decision to celebrate what’s great in life.  Our HPY logo design serves as a constant reminder for people that happiness is a choice that’s always within reach, in good times and bad. We seek to build a community of Happbassadors who realize that happy feels good™ and with regular use, positive thinking becomes a habit that improves an individual’s life. Happy Fix is North Carolina’s happiest startup, partnering with local artists and vendors to produce quality, sought-after products people love. Get your Happy Fix today at www.happyfix.com.