North Carolina’s Happiest Startup Launches What’s Fido’s Happy Fix? Snapfest Contest

THE PEAK OF GOOD LIVING: APEX, N.C.  -- North Carolina’s happiest startup, Happy Fix® (, wants to hear from its growing community of Happbassadors about what their canine companions like to do for fun, with the most popular submission winning a Happy Fix t-shirt and Happy Cap. The positive lifestyle company’s “What’s Fido’s Happy Fix?” Snapfest is its second interactive event hosted on SnapYeti, the popular free online photo contest marketplace. Participants are invited to share a photo of their dog (or dogs) doing what he or she (or they) like best at and compete for the most votes between now and September 28. There is no fee involved to take part in the contest.

“We did our first Snapfest in August and learned that pets were a lot of people’s Happy Fixes,” Happy Fix Chief Happbassador Stacy Menzies said, adding, “We just got a new puppy ourselves and thought it would be fun to see what everybody else’s dogs do that brings them joy.”

According to Menzies, her company’s earlier Snapfest “What’s Your Happy Fix?” served as an impromptu focus group, with participants sharing photos of things that help them celebrate what’s great in life. The beach, coffee, chocolate, family, and pets were some of the subjects of funny and sometimes poignant photos that people shared.

The winner, Gail Horton of Arizona, got the most “admires” for a photo of her dog Caleb.

“In addition to bringing people together to have fun and promote worthwhile causes, SnapYeti tells businesses like us what things bring people joy, which helps us figure out what kinds of products people want us to make,” Menzies said.

“We’re definitely adding pet accessories and coffee mugs to our lineup in the near future,” she added.

The “What’s Fido’s Happy Fix?” Snapfest is the latest effort from Happy Fix to build a community of Happbassadors from across the country committed to improving their lives with positive thinking in good times and bad. The concept behind Happy Fix is that an individual is not limited by negative situations, but rather has the power to make a conscious choice to stop a sad, frustrating, or anger-inducing moment in its tracks and take action to change the course of that moment into something positive and happy.

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