New Exa EHR From Viztek Improves Information Exchange and Workflow in Radiology

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Viztek, the leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, will showcase its new Exa EHR at the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., August 10 - 13. The cost-effective solution from Viztek enables the seamless exchange of information for radiologists and technologists, while enhancing end user workflow via its user-friendly design and synchronization of EHR with PACS.

"To genuinely improve patient care, the technology behind healthcare solutions cannot only be innovative in and of itself -- it must be developed to also innovate its usability and encourage adoption by those delivering care," said Steve Deaton, vice president, Viztek. "Exa is designed for ease-of-use for radiologists, with functionalities to efficiently manage workflow data without overwhelming their screens and easy access to PACS through a clickable link within the EHR."

Through its integration of EHR and PACS, Exa removes the need for physicians to log into a separate PACS or toggle between windows to open PACS, and enables the display of full patient charts from the EHR -- empowering radiologists' ability to deliver more informed diagnoses. Exa improves radiology workflow through intuitive features, such as order-based intelligent linking that eliminates the need for radiologists to conduct manual searches of outside comparison images. The enhanced workflow provided by Exa allows for one-stop shop efficiency, which is further boosted by the solution's easy accessibility via smart phones and tablets for physicians. Apart from workflow benefits, the EHR solution also aids facilities in meeting upcoming Meaningful Use requirements of information exchange with its full set of necessary data placeholders and ability to seamlessly flow patient charts from other EHRs for display.

"Along with patients and physicians, we have kept facilities top of mind with the development of Exa as well," added Deaton. "Modalities such as PET/CT or breast tomosynthesis are more important than ever for facilities to provide for patients, with each usually receiving its own dedicated workstation separate from PACS. Exa provides viewability for images from nearly any modality -- all on a single system."

The benefits of consolidating workstations reach beyond the ability to conveniently view images from multiple modalities and additionally support facilities from a cost perspective. Exa can act as a viable replacement for aging workstations, which contributes to savings in both hardware costs and space. The entirely web-based solution also deploys server-side rendering, which eliminates the need to push DICOM data to each viewing workstation -- significantly reducing a facility's IT overhead and avoiding issues such as slow computers, networks or internet connections. Additionally, Exa can be hosted in the cloud in non-critical access settings to reduce local IT needs.

"Exa represents our dedication to developing solutions that not only solve the healthcare problems of today, but anticipate answering the questions of tomorrow as well," said Deaton.

For more on the benefits the Viztek Exa can bring to your facility, visit Viztek's booth #109 during AHRA.

About Viztek

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support for the hospital and private practice markets. The company provides state-of-the-art, web-based Opal-RAD PACS and RIS, delivering advanced connectivity and functionality at an affordable price. The PACS and RIS solutions are complemented by Viztek's comprehensive line of CR and DR solutions, with DR panels that come in multiple configurations ranging from retrofit packages to complete new radiology rooms and mobile solutions. For more information, visit

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