Locally Developed App Seeks to Inspire the World, Raise Charitable Funds by Sharing Quotes

CARY, N.C. -- QuoteTag is quote sharing game that enables users to Motivate, Inspire and Share with friends and family by selecting and sharing favorite quotes on their mobile devices. The app was originally developed from the idea that we often find ourselves in situations where we would like to say something, but we can’t find the right words. QuoteTag is customizable; users can create their own unique experience by downloading the collections (Quotebooks) that interest them, and share them with friends and family.
Next time you are trying to figure out what to say; “Don't say anything… Say something!” QuoteTag is a fun way to educate, motivate and inspire those around you with meaningful quotes from some of the world’s most influential thinkers. Express your thoughts, share your feelings, and have a laugh.

QuoteTag is launching a Kickstarter campaign to add features to the existing app, including the ability to connect random users internationally. The app harnesses the power of words combined with the power of technology to promote positive change and “Inspire the World!” With QuoteTag, users can reach out to strangers across the globe and send positive messages that can change the course of someone’s day.

The app can also be used by non-profit organizations as a revenue stream for fundraising initiatives. The app provides a unique channel for charities to meaningfully engage with their core audience, while raising funds for their organization.

The app’s makers are looking to partner with two local charities to raise awareness and funds at no cost to the organizations. Through words of inspiration and motivation, words of comfort and support, words of joy and celebration, words of love and laughter, and everything in between, let QuoteTag help you find the right words to stay connected with the special people in your life.

QuoteTag is available for download on Google Play, iPhone App store, and Amazon.

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