WasteZero Selected as Official Bag Provider for BigBelly Solar Trash Compactors and Recycling Units

RALEIGH, N.C. -- WasteZero, the leading provider of municipal solid waste reduction programs and supplies in the U.S., announced today that it has been selected as the official provider of specialized bags for BigBelly Solar's nationwide network of solar-powered trash compactors and recycling stations. BigBelly systems can be found in many major cities -- including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Philadelphia -- as well as many large universities, such as MIT, Virginia Tech, and the California State University system.

Under the agreement, WasteZero will be the sole official and approved supplier of bags to BigBelly customers and distributors in North America, and the exclusive supplier to BigBelly. The company will provide two different types of bags for both types of stations. Both bags have been specifically designed to optimize performance and measurement capability. WasteZero will produce all the bags for BigBelly at its advanced manufacturing and recycling facility in Hemingway, S.C., using recycled content.

The relationship with BigBelly Solar reinforces WasteZero's commitment to reducing municipal solid waste across the U.S. The BigBelly units use solar energy to power compactors that allow each station to collect more than 150 gallons of trash, allowing for less frequent collection and limiting overflows, which helps ensure that all trash that is throw away is collected rather than dispersed around streets and parks. In addition, the stations use sophisticated information technology to send a signal requesting pickup when they are full, enabling greater collection efficiency than ordinary bins.

"Like WasteZero, BigBelly Solar is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the goal of reducing waste in municipalities and large institutions," WasteZero Board of Directors Chair John Campbell said, adding, "There are many ways in which the two companies will be partnering to achieve this common goal, and we are thrilled to be embarking on this strategic partnership."

"Municipalities and universities that are seeking to dramatically increase their efficiency in public waste and recycling choose the BigBelly system to save time and money and start or improve recycling efforts," said Jack Kutner, CEO of BigBelly. "WasteZero is a great partnership for BigBelly, allowing both companies to focus on what they do best."

About WasteZero

WasteZero is the leading provider of municipal solid waste reduction programs in the U.S. The company is on a mission to cut residential trash in half across the nation. WasteZero partners with more than 800 municipalities throughout the United States to reduce the amount of waste that is landfilled or burned, increase recycling, and generate savings. It pursues its mission by helping municipalities design, launch, and manage next-generation pay-as-you-throw systems, known as WasteZero Trash Metering™ programs. These programs eliminate or reduce fixed residential fees for trash collection, and enable residents to dispose of trash only in official, pre-paid trash bags. These programs reduce solid waste by more than 46% annually, on average. They also help to dramatically increase recycling rates, sometimes by 100% or more.

WasteZero manufactures customized specialty plastic trash bags for its programs -- and for other customers -- in the U.S. from recycled content. It is committed to creating jobs in the U.S. and to solving the nation's solid waste crisis. A certified B Corporation, WasteZero is a national organization with key management offices in Raleigh, N.C., and the Boston area, and a manufacturing facility in Hemingway, S.C.

For more information, visit www.wastezero.com.

About BigBelly Solar

BigBelly Solar was founded in 2003 with the goal of transforming one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries on the planet -- waste collection. Cities were either collecting too often and wasting fuel and labor while creating CO2 emissions, or they were not able to keep up with collection demand, leading to overflowing trash cans that created litter and health and safety issues.

In the following years, the company has evolved to offer a unique solution for the public space by leveraging renewable solar energy and information technology. With the efficiency gains their customers realize, BigBelly has been instrumental in the implementation of the first wide-spread public space recycling programs in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston and is now pioneering public space compostables collection as well.

BigBelly Solar has won numerous awards and is recognized as a C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group best practice. With its solutions deployed in every state and more than 30 countries worldwide, BigBelly Solar continues bringing its Smart Grid for Waste & Recycling to every corner of the world.

For more information, visit http://www.bigbelly.com/.

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