Viztek RIS/PACS Integration With EMR Increases Efficiency at Maui Medical Group

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Viztek, the leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, announced today that Maui Medical Group, Maui, Hawaii, has completed installation of Viztek's RIS and PACS, including the innate ability to diagnose full field digital mammography exams. By integrating Viztek's Opal-RIS and Opal-PACS with the facilities existing EMR and PM solutions, Maui Medical Group has decreased study viewing and reporting times for radiologists, and decreased redundant data entry for staff. Viztek has also added remote portal access for referring physicians, enabling full access from any location of all RIS/PACS and EMR information.

Managing separately deployed and maintained PACS, RIS, EMR and PM systems was not only a strain on Maui Medical's IT staff, but also burdening the radiologists and technologist of Hawaii's largest multi-specialty practice. Selecting a RIS And PACS from the same company, and going the step further of having them integrated with the EMR and PM systems, was key to supporting the facility's growth and efficiency.

"Choosing Viztek allowed us to implement an integrated system providing more efficient diagnosis and reporting of patient information between in-house and referring physicians," said Dr. Blan Williams, Radiology Chairman, Maui Medical Group. "Our facility has been able to eliminate redundancies that occurred with our previous system and enabled more streamlined and efficient workflow for radiologists including the use of just one workstation for all reading and reporting."

Each year, Maui Medical Group performs more than 35,000 exams, which is why they need reliable software support and product updates for their radiology department. By migrating from the previous RIS and PACS system and implementing Viztek, doctors no longer need to constantly connect with staff members on the phone to receive reports and images and can focus more on patient care versus managing several independent software systems. A key benefit of this integration is providing the in-house physicians with the ability to place radiology orders directly from within the EMR, thus eliminating paper trails and typing errors from system to system. Maui Medical's 27 referring physicians also benefit by gaining portal access to the system and allowing them to view both radiology reports and images as they are finalized. This dramatically reduced the amount of time staff previously spent updating hospital and referring physicians on exam updates. As a result, patients benefit from this technology with decreased wait times, more accurate data communication, and quicker exam assessment.

"Viztek's technology platform allows any healthcare facility to integrate all core software so they can focus more on patient care and less on managing multiple independent software systems," said Steve Deaton, vice president, Viztek. "With the implementation of the Opal RIS and Opal PACS, the radiologists inside the hospital and the remote referrers outside have more streamlined access to securely review full patient information."

About Viztek

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support for the hospital and private practice markets. The company provides state-of-the-art, web-based Opal-RAD PACS and RIS, delivering advanced connectivity and functionality at an affordable price. The PACS and RIS solutions are complemented by Viztek's comprehensive line of CR and DR solutions, with DR panels that come in multiple configurations ranging from retrofit packages to complete new radiology rooms and mobile solutions. For more information, visit

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