LORD MicroStrain® Announces Series of Enhancements to SensorCloud Data Platform

CARY, N.C. -- LORD Corporation MicroStrain® Sensing Systems has announced a series of enhancements to its SensorCloud™ ; cloud-based sensor data platform (http://www.SensorCloud.com). Introduced in 2011, the SensorCloud™ platform is a unique sensor data storage, visualization, and remote management platform that leverages powerful cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability, rapid graphing, and user-programmable online analytics. It is currently used by numerous LORD MicroStrain® customers across a variety of industries and disciplines, including aviation, defense, oil & gas, and manufacturing.

The new SensorCloud™ platform features are designed to significantly enhance users' productivity and were largely driven by customer suggestions. Among the highlights:

    Shared views of user data including embeddable FastGraph® charts, which provide simple embeddable graphs for web sharing of data with just one line of html code
    OEM white label options (including both customized, embedded FastGraphs® and a full, standalone version)
    MathEngine® iPython notebooks-real-time, cloud-based, data analytics platforms
    GitHub repository with SDK\API\Example code and RESTful API, which allows any device or application to upload data to SensorCloud. The API is implemented as a web service using standard HTTP request commands.
    SensorCloud™ API, including libraries and example code for Python, Java, and C#

"We're very pleased to offer our customers these great enhancements to our award-winning SensorCloudÔ platform," says Justin Bessette, LORD MicroStrain's Manager of Software Engineering. "These new features will make SensorCloudÔ users even more productive due to its improved ease-of-use and data collaboration tools for sharing data. When combined with MathEngine®, the SensorCloudÔ data platform brings custom analytics to the cloud for a complete, end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution."

LORD MicroStrain® is also introducing a simplified pricing model for its SensorCloud™ data platform, including a complimentary "start now" option, which includes 10 million data points of storage per month.

Through its Sensor IoT platform, SensorCloud™ allows users to employ LORD MicroStrain's Wireless Sensor Data Aggregator (WSDA®) to directly and securely upload wireless and inertial data to the cloud. The Custom Alerts feature keeps users informed on their data 24/7 with email and SMS messaging options, and the ability to add custom information including time, threshold values, and links to the event data, helps set SensorCloud™ platform apart.

"We're confident these features will be a game-changer for prospective SensorCloud™ platform users," says Bessette. "The API and the CSV import tool allow users to upload their own data, making it easier than ever to immediately start experiencing the benefits."

Call 1-802-862-6629 or email sensing_sales@lord.com for product inquiries. To view the new features and for more information, visit http://www.SensorCloud.com.

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