Which Broadway Show Should You Star In?

by Stacy Menzies
President, Happy Fix

I’m not going to lie to you.  I love Facebook.  I love getting a quick snapshot of what my buds are up to.  I love populating the Happy Fix page (If you haven’t liked it, like it) with words of encouragement, cool pictures, funny videos and inspirational articles.  I love the connection I feel with friends, family and our happbassadors that frequent both my personal and Happy Fix page. One of the many things I’m fascinated by is the proliferation of personality quizzes that I see on Facebook and on sites like Mashable.  You know the ones.  Which Disney Princess are you?  What color matches your personality? Which Bible person are you?  What is your brain good at?  My personal favorite is something along the lines of “Who is your 80’s boyfriend?” I guess these quizzes are designed to be fun and to help you tell the world that you are strong and smart like Belle, not willing to give everything up like Ariel.  You are a fun color like green and not a dark non-descript grey.  Sorry grey, but it’s the truth.  Maybe your 80’s boyfriend is the brooding and popular Jake and not so much Ducky.  Am I right, ladies?

We all want to find different ways to figure ourselves out.  For some, these assessments help us dig into our personality and let us identify our individual quirks.  While I’m reasonably certain they are being created in somebody’s basement in the ‘burbs, I get it.  We are looking for insight into who we are and what makes us tick.  Here’s my question.  Why do we need a personality quiz to tell us what we already know?  Why do we need to identify with a fictitious character in order to like who we are? When you answer the questions on those quizzes, aren’t you really trying to get an answer that jibes with who you think you are?  If I take the “What animal were you in a past life” quiz, I’m going to answer the questions to make sure I was a mighty lion.  Why? Because I’m in touch with my animal side and I know this to be true.

Happy Fix is a labor of love that we took on to help people focus on what’s good in their lives and to be loving and accepting of who they are, right here, right now.  In order to be really happy with who you are, you have to think about and accept yourself.  Then you can think about how you improve on what is already great.  A quiz won’t tell you that.  You have to tell you that.  We all have doubt and once in a while fear creeps in to our everyday lives.  It’s okay.  You can fix it because you are strong and confident.

The long and short of it is, we know who we are.  We don’t need quiz results to prove it.  Not to be a Debbie Downer but when you take those quizzes you are also providing private information to people who you don’t know but now know a bunch of random stuff about you.  Rather than spending time trying to figure out what an algorithm tells you about you, spend time alone or with family and friends.  I’m sure you could have a great discussion and debate about which Broadway Show You Should Star In (see how I brought this back to the title?  Clever, huh?) .  There won’t even be a quiz at the end.  Let that be your Happy Fix today!

Stacy Menzies is president of  Happy Fix®, a North Carolina-based positive lifestyle company bringing people joy and confidence to achieve their goals. For more information visit www.happyfix.com.