RxMedic Presents State-of-the-Art Pharmacy Technology at Upcoming Conferences

WAKE FOREST, N.C. -- Representatives of RxMedic Systems, Inc. will be present to showcase a line of pharmacy automation systems at two conferences in May. The spring Health Connect Partners: Hospital Pharmacy Conference will occur in St. Louis, Missouri from May 5-7, 2014. http://www.hlthcp.com/conferences/2014-spring-hospital-pharmacy/provider/overview. The QS/1 Customer Conference, Kickin' it up in Nashville, will be in Nashville, Tennessee from May 14-17, 2014. Visit http://www.qs1.com/company/whats-new/events/ for an online video preview.

Pharmacy owners who thrive in the current healthcare market have found it easier to adapt to increased prescription filling requests and more demands on pharmacist's time by utilizing leading edge pharmacy technology. Pharmacy robots as well as pharmacy software systems that interact seamlessly with hardware are an important component to a profitable pharmacy operation.

RxMedic System's team of automation specialists will be available at the spring Health Connect Partners Hospital Pharmacy Conference in St. Louis and the QS/1 Customer Conference to answer questions about pharmacy automation systems such as RM64, Automated Dispensing System, Automated Counting System, and the Eyecon Visual Counting System.

QS/1® has a well-established reputation for providing optimal pharmacy software solutions in a rapidly-evolving industry. Staying in sync with the impact mobile devices and web services have on filling prescriptions has kept the pharmacies that utilize QS/1's software current and profitable. QS/1's highly skilled professionals also provide customers with the service and support necessary to run their businesses efficiently and profitably. QS/1's annual Customer Conference assembles industry specialists, market analysts and business experts to discuss the challenges, changes and achievements in the healthcare industry. For pharmacists who want to learn more about QS/1, there are opportunities to observe and test system features and meet QS/1's expert staff. QS/1's primary focus is on providing the industry's best pharmacy management software for community pharmacies, chain pharmacies, long term care pharmacies and home medical equipment providers. QS/1 can also be effectively integrated with most pharmacy automation systems.

About RxMedic Systems:
RxMedic provides advanced automated dispensing technology to pharmacies. Its unique photo verification process provides pharmacies with documentation of every prescription. RxMedic products utilize HEPA filtration and exclusive vacuum technology for unsurpassed air quality. Each prescription is dispensed directly into a vial, increasing patient safety by eliminating cross-contamination risks. Automated Counting System, Automated Dispensing System, RM64 and the Eyecon Visual Counting System. All RxMedic products are backed by nationwide on-site service.

For more information about RxMedic, visit www.rxmedic.com.

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