"The Real Deal" to Launch Crowdfunding Event in Raleigh April 24

RALEIGH, N.C. -- With an unprecedented focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and crowdfunding, a group of live funding specialists and entrepreneurs have formed The Real Deal. This first of its kind live crowd-sourced funding event aims to bring together real companies, real investors and real money in a new, entertaining and interactive way and will be held on April 24th at the Contemporary Art Museum in Downtown Raleigh.  In order to bring this exciting new event to life, The Real Deal team has collaborated with such leading local and national organizations as Citrix, Gust, Royalty Exchange, American Underground, HQ Raleigh and CAM Raleigh.

At the live and streamed online event, five previously selected high growth startup companies, such as Groundfloor and Gamila, will present their business plans to an investor panel comprised of both local and nationally prominent high net worth expert investors. Noted panelists such as Merrette Moore of Lookout Capital and Chris Estes, North Carolina CIO, will then pepper the companies with questions on every aspect of their unique business while the companies themselves in turn try to negotiate a deal with one or more of the panelists to invest in their company in order to take it to the next level. The presenting companies will also be competing against each other to solicit additional funds in ‘real-time’ from both the accredited investor audience present and watching live online.

The Real Deal creators wish to spotlight the Triangle, N.C. area as a bourgeoning ecosystem for local start-ups all while promoting and facilitating interest, education, and deal flow for the regions’ dynamic companies. “This area is growing fast and we feel this new interactive live-funding event style is a great way to bring together new opportunities for both companies and investors alike in an energetic atmosphere where real-time funding offers will be taking place, much like ABC’s Shark Tank does, but open to many more accredited investors and not just the panelists…” says Robert Williams, one of The Real Deal’s founding partners.

Those interested in participating, partnering or learning more about this exciting event can do so at: http://therealdealtriangle.com or @RealDealFunded.

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