New ISR Report Provides Insight Into Bladder Cancer Market, Clinical Pipeline

CARY, N.C.--Industry Standard Research (ISR) is announcing the release of its latest report entitled "Bladder Cancer: Disease and Pipeline Analysis." This report provides an overview of the current and future bladder cancer clinical development market, the activities of the key market players, and an outline of trial and commercial regulatory environments.

"The latest figures from the World Health Organization show that bladder cancer has a worldwide incidence of almost 430,000 diagnosed cases per year. This constitutes 3.1% of cancer incidence, making it the 9th most commonly diagnosed cancer globally," explained Andrew Schafer, President of ISR. "There are currently more than 100 active clinical trials for bladder cancer, making this a very dynamic clinical development space."

ISR's Bladder Cancer report provides:

    Insight into bladder cancer epidemiology
    Incidence and mortality rates in both major and emerging markets
    A look into the current treatments for bladder cancer by disease stage and therapy type
    An environmental analysis of the major and emerging markets by:
        Patient Population and Product Environment
        Trial and Recruitment Environment
        Regulatory Environment
        Competitive Product Landscape
        Pricing and Reimbursement Environment
    A unique view into new therapies in active development

"With these data," Schafer continued, "sponsors can identify and enhance commercial and development opportunities, plan how products currently in development could impact this market, understand competitor involvement, and better plan clinical trial strategies."

For more information on ISR's "Bladder Cancer: Disease and Pipeline Analysis" report, please visit ISR's report page at

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