Business Profile: INVISI-ball Wall Mount

NCTechNews is publishing a series of business profiles to highlight innovation and entrepreneurism throughout North Carolina. Today we are featuring INVISI-ball Wall Mount, a unique sports memorabilia product developed by Tommy DeLoach of New Hill, N.C.

Q: When was your company founded and why?
A: The INVISI-ball Wall Mount was founded and incorporated in July of 2013.  The company originally was envisioned as an idea I had back in November of 2011.  That idea was developed into the INVISI-ball Wall Mount.  WERX Design, LLC is the parent company to INVISI-ball, and the objective of this venture is to provide never before seen mounting solutions to the sports memorabilia and collectibles industry.

Q: Where is your HQ and how many employees do you have?
A: We are headquartered in New Hill, N.C.  I am a single member LLC, so it is just me and my wife right now.

Q: What are your company’s core products or services?
A: WERX Design, LLC’s core product is the INVISI-ball Wall Mount, but I also have a design studio where I offer up design solutions ranging from custom residential designs to small commercial up-fits.  I have also been known for providing graphic design solutions for customers as well. 

Q: Who are some recognizable members of your leadership team?
A: It’s just me – I am not what you would refer to as “recognizable” yet…

Q: Who are your company’s competitors, and what are your differentiators?
A: The biggest competitor for the INVISI-ball Wall Mount would have to be the Ball Claw.  It is a similar product, but I would say that the Ball Claw is more of a storage device, and the INVISI-ball Wall Mount is more of a display device.  The biggest differentiator is that you cannot see the INVISI-ball Wall Mount like you can the Ball Claw.  The INVISI-ball Wall Mount is a “line-of-sight” mounting device.  The mounting device is hidden from plain sight, showcasing the ball that is mounted or displayed.  I believe that it is the most unique way to display your favorite collectible footballs and basketballs on the market today.

Q: Does your company develop new technologies or re-apply existing technologies to solve a problem?
A: I think we just re-apply existing technologies – we just use a different configuration of what is current out there or available.

Q: Who are your customers?
A: Any and all sports enthusiasts.  It does not matter if you are a starter, second stringer, current or former player – or if you are just a casual sports fan, the INVISI-ball Wall Mount gives everyone the opportunity to show off your team colors.

 Q: What problems does your company solve?
A: We help you get your balls to the wall… literally!  Seriously, we solve the “problem” of having clutter on top of your shelves, filing cabinets, desk, etc.  Having a mounting solution that gets your sports memorabilia and collectibles on the wall frees up more room for “other stuff” to be placed on the shelves.

Q: Please share any examples of situations where your products or services achieved a positive result for clients.
A: It is very satisfying when I am sent photos from customers showing their collectible footballs and/or basketballs displayed using the INVISI-ball Wall Mount.  I have also been sent photos from customers that have given the product as a gift, and the recipient is very pleased with the results after using the mounting device.

Q: What new products or services or services will you be rolling-out in 2014?
A: We are looking to perfect and eventually offer a helmet mounting device. 

Q: What makes your company relevant to the future of your industry?
A: I truly believe that I have created a whole new category in the sports memorabilia and collectibles industry.  WERX Design, LLC will continue to look for ways to provide alternative mounting solutions for all types of sports collectibles and memorabilia.

Q: Will your company be participating in any upcoming trade shows or other events, or are you being featured in any upcoming industry publications?
A: Yes, the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, Ohio – June 30 through August 3rd.  Currently looking to get exposure/coverage in industry publications.

Q: Where can people go to find out more information?
A: Web site –
Facebook – “INVISI-ball Wall Mount

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