PowerSecure Honors Stan Timblin

WAKE FOREST, N.C.--PowerSecure International, Inc. (NYSE: POWR) today honors the memory of Stan Timblin, who joined PowerSecure in 2001, retired from the company as senior vice president in 2013 and passed away this week at the age of 77. “Stan Timblin will be remembered as an amazing man who embodied all that PowerSecure is and aspires to be. He was intelligent, hard-working, full of integrity, generous, helpful, gracious, humble, driven, innovative, quick to laugh and always loving toward people,” said Sidney Hinton, chief executive officer of PowerSecure.

“Stan constantly pushed the boundary of what was possible to make us a better company and better people,” Hinton added.

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About PowerSecure

PowerSecure International, Inc. is a leading provider of utility and energy technologies to electric utilities, and their industrial, institutional and commercial customers. PowerSecure provides products and services in the areas of Interactive Distributed Generation ® (IDG®), energy efficiency and utility infrastructure. The company is a pioneer in developing IDG® power systems with sophisticated smart grid capabilities, including the ability to 1) forecast electricity demand and electronically deploy the systems to deliver more efficient, and environmentally friendly, power at peak power times, 2) provide utilities with dedicated electric power generation capacity to utilize for demand response purposes and 3) provide customers with the most dependable standby power in the industry.

Its proprietary distributed generation system designs utilize a range of technologies to deliver power, including renewables. The company’s energy efficiency products and services include energy efficient lighting solutions that utilize LED technologies to improve lighting quality, and the design, installation and maintenance of energy conservation measures which we offer, primarily as a subcontractor, to large energy service company providers, called ESCOs, for the benefit of commercial, industrial and institutional customers as end users. PowerSecure also provides electric utilities with transmission and distribution infrastructure maintenance and construction services, and engineering and regulatory consulting services. Additional information is available at www.powersecure.com.

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